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Want – The red room

Sin más….

letter: Want – The Red Room

I want to catch in my hands
These precious moments
That they will never come back

Stay home with you
With a glass of wine
Savor the love

I feel
That the moment has come
Let's get back the time
Throw my mobile into the sea

I want to wait for you again
Because you have gone out at night
And make yourself something to eat when you arrive

booze me with you
That we lose our minds
And let us get carried away

That you go to bed at many
Watching a series with me
From the beginning to the end

Let it be day
And you fall asleep
Without fear of waking up

I want to wait for you again
Because you have gone out at night
And make yourself something to eat when you arrive

booze me with you
That we lose our minds
And let us get carried away (and toast just because, And toast!)

Tell me in my ear
What is taken for granted
I want to hear it again (again, una y otra vez)

That is recorded in the memory
So that if this ends
I can remember it

Want (I want to wait for you again)
Want (booze me with you)

All is disorder – Pedro Guerra



With Candies, back in 1995, Pedro Guerra fascinated and dazzled, with this beautiful and solo direct, thousands of people. Candy is one of those albums that has no expiration date, for many years go.

Occasionally, as round disks, just taking its toll on the following work one way or another.

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Annie Hall – Luis Ramiro


Ramiro walks around town this weekend. Specifically what will this Friday 8, at room Uncle Jack C/Roselles, 32 L'Hospitalet , Barcelona. It will do the 21, in concerts 11 aniversario nits to art Entries and i can buy for 10 EUR or the day of the concert, box office, by 12 euros.


Lately I like listening versions (in this case a test) different from those included in the disk. This time it's the turn of Annie Halthe.

On Friday present songs from his latest work published in 2011, The world ahead and will review their discography.


letra Annie Hall


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Carita Fool (acoustic) – Marwan



This man is making small strides. The maturity of his lyrics, the subtlety and sensitivity of his latest work confirms the good moment that Marwan is going.

Carita Fool is one of the new songs that have been included within Things that I could not answer, the fourth in his discography. If you do not know this Madrid, you can start by Aerialist, their third and one that I like.

Carita Fool Lyrics

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Get me out of here – Enrique Bunbury



There are songs that have no expiration date and there are artists who succeed with some frequency or ease. Get me out of here belongs to Flamingos, one disk denser and round Enrique Bunbury in which spared no surround large as Mr. Jaime Urrutia, Quimi Portet, Shuarma , Carlos Ann, Kepa Junkera or Adrià Puntí among others.


The work went gold right out and was accompanied by an extensive world tour, nearly two years, which would then light the live DVD An appointment with Flamingos.


video letter and me out of here

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What makes you great – Vetusta Morla

They continue to work hard and continue to show a great quality in their subjects. Immersed in Mexican tour opening for ZOE, Vetusta Morla, are unstoppable.

lyrics and video What makes you great.


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Things that I could not answer (single) – Marwan


As it grows, musically, Marwan. Not that I say so. Says Things that I could not answer, the first single from his new job, which is a treat for the ears.

Years ago 3 years old, Approximately, decided to collect his subjects to gestate Aerialist, that precious gift in the form of songs. Marwan now goes one step further with this new single can sense that the best is yet to come.

The presentation will take place on 22 October, in Madrid, Joy Eslava in. It will be a good opportunity, if you have not seen, to enjoy their live.


Lyrics and video The things I could not answer. Official Video acoustic version.

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The trouble is in the air – Andrés Suárez


Today, 4 October, Andrés Suárez returns to the music scene with a new illusion. Called The trouble is in the air and is the official presentation of the first single When the tide again, the long-awaited work of Galician.

When the tide again available from 9 November, coinciding with the start of the new tour, Barcelona. There you will see in the Acrobats Festival , opening for Ivan Ferreiro.

3 days later and, in the city of Barcelona, presentation will solo disc. You can follow the List of concerts scheduled to date.


video letter and the devil is in the air

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Hero – IL Divo


Do not fall to live is to learn,today there is nothing to fear if you believe in yourself . There are battles to be won. That is the summary of this song Il Divo training, in a live performance.

This is the first entry in where school Il Divo and going, with all my heart, for “someone”.


Letter Hero

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Verbatim – Marwan


This is the opening track Aerialist, the third work Marwan. It consists of 12 this songs and recorded and produced in Madrid, CINCOMASMUSIC studies. Delivered by Ismael Guijarro and Pablo Cebrian. You do not know very well because there are jobs that come and go. At time, in the distance. Trapeze is one of them.

the song, this is what Marwan told: I wrote for a Spanish TV show. The principle focus it cost me because I tried to write something that suited the program but could not take him where he thought they would like. Finally I decided to take my writing. The premise of the song was playing with language, with the words. And I did. The song is my humble and naive proposals to change the world, to make it more innocent, Kinder, less politically correct and more ethically correct. A declaration of intent.

audio letter and word by word

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