Annie Hall – Luis Ramiro


Ramiro walks around town this weekend. Specifically what will this Friday 8, at room Uncle Jack C/Roselles, 32 L'Hospitalet , Barcelona. It will do the 21, in concerts 11 aniversario nits to art Entries and i can buy for 10 EUR or the day of the concert, box office, by 12 euros.


Lately I like listening versions (in this case a test) different from those included in the disk. This time it's the turn of Annie Halthe.

On Friday present songs from his latest work published in 2011, The world ahead and will review their discography.


letra Annie Hall



Road at night through the streets,
New York seems, but Madrid
If I were Al Pacino surely you'd be here,
I need a good Godfather and the courage to tell, “I'm not happy”.
This absurd script I wrote not,
no soy Woody Allen, ni tu Annie Hall.
I miss big glasses and fly to Los Angeles out of love,
only for love, Like a great actor.
I have not so much class, and I lack acting classes.
Confuse with my Manhattan neighborhood,
Will the Empire State or the Lollipop?
If I were De Niro would make a call from here,
have a good reason and words to make you smile.
But the fixed plane is not your body on my mattress,
Chinatown missing and white smoke covered alley,
and port a ship to escape the two.
To this end we lack luster and excitement,
un taxi amarillo, a chase,
you and me in the rain, scratching the moon only for love,
solo by amor.
It would be a great script, I missed Personaje
and I lack acting classes, Interpretation.







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