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Basic, 10 years old (2001-2011) – Tontxu

Now that Tontxu se ha reconciliado con el mundo cibernético y que el Pampero, from my perception, has taken his anger with the world, I reconciled with the desire to make entries of my favorite Spanish singer. That you have to touch my fiber facility, years, with their songs, in many different situations. If you look back, Tontxu musical footprint, presents intense in small and big stories, burned so many times, situations experienced in these unforgettable. Tremendous or what is the same: precious footprint.

The Spanish singer, if memory does not fail and the truth, I get to the music through a guitar given to him by Moncho Borrajo. Musically national en Freedom 8, in Madrid, with a whole troupe of Spanish real good and great musicians that although today, not have that perception, leave an important mark on the Spanish music scene.

For many different stages Tontxu personal past. It is extracted by plunging into his musical career. There is a before and after Basic (2001). This can be seen in the rhythm of the songs, in his lyrics and message. Since that initial Sold (1997), via Heart mundanza (1998) or the extraordinary With a song in the teeth (2000), we find songs like Not worth it, With a song in the teeth, The root, If this ends, Volvería a tropezar en esa piedra, Something you the The Middle.

Trying to make a memory exercise to compare the second or third work of an artist who had so many good songs together, y que este no fuera su álbum debut. A mi cabeza, name does not come any more.

Then came the turn, the jump, with Contact with reality (2004) and Strings vowels and consonants (2005), up to In the Name of the Father (2008), his latest studio.

For years, when someone special has appeared in my way, whether for a few hours or to stay and not go, when I had the chance to connect musically and start sharing music, songs and groups, beers and gin and tonics, de grabar cd’s y de enviar canciones, Basic has been guarded like a treasure. Tesoro a mostrar. Silly, truth? that's me…one tontainas.

Basic was accompanied by a DVD, lasting 100 minutes, which included an exclusive interview, el making off y unos bocetos. On that occasion, Olga Cerpa, Antonio Vega and kepa Junkera recording clothed.

Shortly due to be published this Solo Tontxu, his eighth album. Da la sensación que, desde Argentina y con otros aires, promises to retrieve the best Tontxu. That boy close…that they fell asleep in the arms of any muse, and now reawakens.

This is my Basics of Tontxu, as amended 2011, with 21 tracks. Beautiful songs and lyrics, no expiration date.

It will be available 48 hours. After that time you can listen on line.

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A New Man – Federico Wolf & Tontxu


The Uruguayan Federico Wolf and our estimate Tontxu, we leave this topic fruits of their first collaboration together and which is called A new man.

If you want to know a little more about the work and the sound of Federico, you can hear his first job Margarita Black the Temporary signal, su second album. It would be more correct to label it as EP, to contain only five songs.

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Tontxu concert – Salt Vivaldi Barcelona 2009

Mucho se ha hecho de rogar Tontxu para volver a Barcelona en concierto. Algunos seguidores todavía no se creen que el 22 de Octubre este en la sala Vivaldi, beside Andrés Suárez y que haya alejado, por unos días, de las salas y del circuito de Madrid.

Una oportunidad única de ver en Barcelona a dos buenos cantautores, con grandes canciones a sus espaldas.

El concierto, englobado dentro de la nueva temporada musical 2009-2010 que organiza Les nits de l’art, se ha programado para el jueves 22 de octubre de 2009, to 21 hours.

Les nits de l’art (es una productora, es la responsable de las muchas y buenisimas iniciativas musicales que se están produciendo en Barcelona y que, poco a poco, se van expandiendo a otros ciudades y lugares organizando propuestas tan interesantes como el Festival acróbatas o Ciclo ESADIR.

Para el concierto de Tontxu puedes reservar tu entrada a través de la dirección

A white rose – Tontxu

A white rose part of In the Name of the Father, latest work of singer Tonxtuand has been applauded by recovering a portion of the air in their first printed and excellent work.

Letter A white rose

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I'll love you better – Tontxu


I'll love you better is the single presentation of the new work Tontxu, qualified In the Name of the Father.

Listening to this issue I have the feeling of recovering a past Tontxu, I like the, with issues close, arriving, with that rate how well known print and on the last two albums had missed.


letter I'll love you better

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Tontxu about to present new album


Topic: Libre


Topic: Dejar de quererte

Tontxu última los detalles del lanzamiento de su próximo trabajo, el septimo de su carrera. La fecha de salida será el 5 November 2008 y su título In the Name of the Father, with 12 new songs.

No se como se las ingenia Tontxu pero siempre me indentifico con sus letras de tal forma que pienso que las ha compuesto ha partir de mis propias experiencias.

Mientras este no llega, escucha sus directos que con los años van ganando, and much.

Ways to break a wave – Andrés Suárez

Portada de Maneras de romper una ola

Ways to break a wave es el título escogido por Andrés Suárez para presentar sus canciones en forma de primer trabajo discográfico.

Andrés Suárez es nieto e hijo de cantantes y ha estudiado desde muy joven piano en el conservatorio de Ferrol para después cambiar su piano por la guitarra.

Bajo la producción de Tontxu, quien se estrena como productor, Andrés confesó en una entrevista a periodista digital que se lo dijo “a la locura” (eso de producir su disco) a ver que pasaba y el resultado de todo eso es la publicación de Ways to break a wave.

Andrés ha comentado que internet es necesario para la gente que esta empezando, porque ayuda a la difusión de su trabajo aunque opina que puede ser un arma de doble filo pero que ayuda a darse a conocer y posiblemente a vender.

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Angel on tiptoe – Tontxu

Time to remember a performance of Tontxu, live, in Room Galileo Galilei Madrid and also left the audio from the original recording, where you notice that the sound track to be a cleaner study, and the song becomes more song.


– – –



> Tiptoe Angel


I do not find my friends
have lost face.
What a pair of clueless
we have to stumble.

I invite you to stay
I invite you to look
I just to be with you,
I really do not care.

You grab me by the hand,
started looking.
Meanwhile I wonder
if yours is a gesture naturally,
if it is just a caress,
if this is insecure.

I Fight Unarmed,
predicament and you squeeze me more.

Between people and shoving,
between foam and a thousand songs,
between rumba and Macarena bakalao…

I know of a quieter place:
good music and tables
where yes you can talk.

I open my drawers thoroughly
I bare intentions.
You dress complexes and fears.

Where are our crews?
Spend an angel on tiptoe
timely and kisser.

Best if you do not see,
better not see us.
Better wake up together
and bare our feet