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Tontxu última los detalles del lanzamiento de su próximo trabajo, el septimo de su carrera. La fecha de salida será el 5 November 2008 y su título In the Name of the Father, with 12 new songs.

No se como se las ingenia Tontxu pero siempre me indentifico con sus letras de tal forma que pienso que las ha compuesto ha partir de mis propias experiencias.

Mientras este no llega, escucha sus directos que con los años van ganando, and much.


A year and a great poster, the 40 edition of the Voll-Damm Festival arrives in Barcelona. This year has been delayed a little longer to publish the list of concerts, so just gonna get the concerts from this day until the end of his edition, 29 November.

If you prefer downloadthe full program including all concerts. I'd advise that you check all parallel activities, with all information.

A full lineup of concerts and lectures await. Find free concerts, free no less interesting for.

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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, nuevo trabajo The Effects of 333 gratis

From nos cuentan que el grupo Black Rebel Motorcycle Club pondrá a disposición del publico (gratis) his new job.

The 1 November, libremente, podremos descargar el trabajo que la formación ha estado gestando durante tres años y que se llamará The Effects of 333. La descarga la podrás realizar desde la propia web del grupo.

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The Double, Saramago

José Saramago, Portuguese writer, born in 1922, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1988, is one of the great authors and I would also philosophers of the late twentieth and early twenty-first. With a personal style, Therefore its content and by using the syntax, his books are a little uncomfortable to read , but then enter the game and you adapt to their scores.

The protagonist of The Double is a school teacher, close to 40 years old, a life of mediocrity and gray, one day discovers a man who is just like him: an exact copy. Here begins the story: curious to know who this man, get to know… The story captures the reader, Saramago is gradually creating the interest in discovering more about the subject. As you progress is picking thriller dyes; increases intrigue, but the author was privileged to take breaks: question the individual identity of the person, fate, the existence of common sense, male-female relations, mother-child and challenge the characters.

The pace accelerates as you near the end of the novel. The ending is unexpected, although logical and very credible to be the end point of something that can never happen. Saramago I like for this feature, from a crazy idea as to discover another person physically equal to the protagonist, the plot unfolds in a completely logical and humane, without resorting to surreal situations to resolve the argument.

Although Saramago is against bring their novels to film, in another of his novels, Blindness, accept that it was adapted to film, with the title of Blindness (Blindly). This film was commissioned to open the Cannes Film Festival 2008. Is expected 27 February 2009 release in Spain, I encourage you to read the novel before seeing the film.

The Double I felt very cinematic novel. Moreover duplicate man in question is an actor, I would view it a certain grace in film, especially the work of the protagonist, two identical men playing out but different inside.

The Script – The Script

The Script

This threesome Dublins keeps ringing in my head. Guilt? subjects The man who can’t be moved and Breakeven.

The Scriptoffers a curious mix of styles and sometimes you think they are brothers Keane, others are the modern version of Sting. In some that have style, in other U2 pokes his head and end it all boils down songs with a lot of pull and they are hooked at first listen.

I would like to dedicate this entry topics Carles, our literary collaborator Who safe, henceforth, will continue its track…


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2009 Jofre bring new material Bardagí

Now Jofre Bardagí is immersed in several production projects without neglecting his solo career without parking the composition of the topics that form their upcoming album. This new work will be unlike anything that Jofre has done so far and hope to intrigue and curiosity the result.

The forecast, if all goes well, is that in the first months of 2009 can enjoy new solo. For now know the title that will take this second job, but if we can say that the phase composition is well advanced: about 25 ideas, are taking shape around 15 Compositions eventually could become the 12 issues likely make up the disk and where we might find titles like u are in the month of u, No dignity, Wise Words the Fas tan mala cara…

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The lovers are losing – Keane


The lovers are losing es el segundo sencillo que se extrae de Perfect Simmetry, the latest work keane.

Esta es una de las canciones que más me gustan del disco, después del giro dado por la banda en cuanto a sonido se refiere. Esta canción creo que recupera un poco el espíritu de la banda tal y como la conocíamos, con esa elegancia que los caracteriza (o caracterizaba).

Os dejo con el vídeo que por cierto, es un poco tonto, the truth.

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Hellville de luxe – Enrique Bunbury

Bunbury is back with new album after solo performed stop to meet again with Heroes del Silencio – Tour 2007.

Hellville de luxe has been put on sale with various issues and depending on each find more themes than in other. In the track list we will leave the complete list.

It is the first time I have the feeling that Bunbury was tired and that it has transmitted in creating songs, the end result being the same: Disco tired.

In this new work Bunbury includes good songs but nothing new. The album we wanted to surprise us as he did the trip to nowhere, we have been disappointed. No one can say that not luxe Hellville a good album that would be lying, but if we waited a little excitement, some surprises, Bunbury a little more charismatic and less repetitive songs and something long they do lose some interest.

It has been produced by Phil Manzanera and this time the musicians who participated are Ramon gacias, drums and percussion. Jordi Mena in lasguitarras and banjo. Alvaro Suite the guitars. Robert Castellanos on bass and Jorge Rebenaque with elpiano, Hammond y acordeón. Some already accompanied Habi-an itinerant Hurricane and others in Bunbury & Vegas.

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At my age, video – Tiziano Ferro

Hace unos días hablábamos del single At my age (at my age), At my age extracted, new job name Tiziano Ferro.

At the request of the emails received, Today we present the video and the lyrics in Italian. Sandra nos cuenta en su mail que Tiziano cantando en italiano gana mucho. Después de escuchar varias veces la canción en italiano tengo que reconocer que es cierto, tiene un toque más intenso, más romántico.

letter at my age

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Pegado a tu cuerpo – Javier Ojeda

Pegado a tu cuerpo

Quiero recuperar una canción del trabajo en solitario de Javier Ojeda (Danza Invisible). Javier nunca ha tenido el reconocimiento que se merece. Es de aquellas cosas que sorprende y uno no acaba de entender. Alguien que hace música de calidad y que la vive tan intensamente tendría que tener su sitio, musically.

Suerte que son muchos los seguidores silenciosos pero extremistas que hacen que para Javier siga valiendo la pena en esto de hacer canciones.

Su primer trabajo en solitario se llama Polo Sur. Puedes ver más info sobre este trabajo un poco más abajo.

Polo Sur – Javier Ojeda and The swaying of the waves