The city of Oviedo also says NO to the SGAE

The city of Oviedo avoids putting music linked to the copyright of the SGAE and avoids paying the crazy amount of 85.000 in monthly fees auditory.

Your councilor, José Suárez Arias-Cachero, calls for reflection on this and states that it is a step to enjoy a San Mateo“more austere and respects ciudadados”.

In presenting the holidays, the mayor charged the General Society of Authors and Publishers, the most unpopular SGAE. The same that has seeped into weddings who did not pay the fee for dance sacrosanct 'Paquito chocolatier’ takes the holidays 85.000 Wing euros. ¡Toma Teddy Bautista! Arias-Cachero figure called the "scandalous" and called for "an exception is made for the holidays». Let it be known, Ramoncín has not said Multiple and money will fly to Madrid.

It is a good gesture that the authorities of this country should take into account. As you say because paying for store your photos in digital, have camcorder, Photocopying available, having the television on in a public or play music at a benefit concert?

While, Fried chicken king, Ramoncín, continuing with their statements and saying stupid things in interviews like the one he conducted a few months ago Olga Viza.

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