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The fourth edition of BAM MTV Music Week will take place next weekend (19 and 20 September) at The Forum in Barcelona exhibition which will bring together names like Arianna Puello, Krakow, La casa azul or Vetusta Morla.

The labels for these concerts. Street 13 HIP HOP y Vetusta Morla India…to die of laughter. Tags, Tags and more tags… in order to let the issue.

MTV Spain returns to Barcelona with the BAM / MTV Music Week, that develops the fourth consecutive year in partnership with the BAM and the Institute of Culture. On Friday 19 and Saturday 20 September offer from MTV 23:30h in the Parc del Forum two nights of free concerts with the best of the styles that set trends in music today, framed within the Merce parties and BAM.

BAM / MTV Music Week 2008 continúa el éxito de las tres ediciones anteriores y ofrece dos intensas noches con una espectacular selección de grupos procedentes del Indie nacional y el Hip Hop. Tres horas de música en directo cada día, de forma gratuita para hacer del BAM / MTV Music Week una experiencia musical de calidad inmejorable.

MTV se vuelca además con el BAM/MTV Music Week en su emisión televisiva. La semana del 29 de septiembre el canal ha preparado distintos especiales sobre los artistas que actuarán: Videoramas (repasos a sus vídeos más representativos), TOP 20 y Data Video (curiosidades y anécdotas sobre los videoclips). The 4 de octubre a las 21:00h se emitirán los conciertos en MTV en dos especiales de una hora de duración, Night starting and continuing Hip Hop Indie Night at 22:00h.

MTV has successfully performed several editions of MTV Music Week, each quality and results exceeding the previous. Since 2002 when we have the first, held at the Mercat de les Flors, to 2004 MTV concert at the Forum, culminating with a new form of collaboration between BAM and MTV in September 2005, which extends in 2008 fourth consecutive year.

This provided that the proceedings on both days starting at 23:30 hours.

Programming scheduled for Friday night (dedicated on HIP HOP) 19 September of 2008.

Chacho Brodas born not long ago in the mind of Griffi, recognized as one of the best hip hop producers on the national scene. The objective is to Chacho Brodas free hip hop, surprise and "make it sound fat again" thanks to collaborations Toteking, Mala Rodróguez or Lil Trappy. One of its strengths is the direct, in carrying the concept of a rap concert to a new dimension.

Shotta, with 23 years old, is one of the best MCs of the Spanish scene, full of strength and creativity. His latest work, Blood, shows an artist that has grown and evolved to achieve a sound language and own. An album that exudes creativity, rebellious but bright.

Arianna Puello is one of the most personal artists music scene. It comes free and unprejudiced, combative, charismatic and forceful. It's a hip hop pioneer woman in Spain, and has over ten years teaching collaborations war with their own material. Its origins Dominicans are felt in their sound, that combines rap with salsa, tropical rhythms, approaches to the soul or r'n'b and dancehall.

The duo Calle 13 Resident comprising (René Pérez Joglar) and Visitor (Eduardo José Cabra Martínez) is breaking schemes. With hits such as Dare-you, break down taboos and conventions that often characterize the reggaeton. His music maintains its Puerto Rican roots but open to the world and aims to reach maturity collaborations with Gustavo Santaolalla, Oscar winner, Orishas or La Mala Rodriguez.

Programming scheduled for Saturday night (dedicated INDIE) 20 September of 2008.

Juancha, Jau, Pope and Jose Chinese are Supersubmarina, the group won the competition in Fiesta Love Factory. These guys are recognized Baeza obsessed with music and have achieved a rapport and feeling very important for a group that begins. His first album, Cientocero, is the summary of his career, an album of pop&Always rock guitar with modern arrangements, innovative bass lines and drum beats changing and dynamic.

The debut LP Vetusta Morla, A Day in the World, is the summary of nine years' experience of the group. Nine years forging a musical identity on the stages of Madrid rooms especially, but also Spanish and even international (Italy, Lebanon, Tindouf). The magic of their live, the importance of his lyrics and the emotional force of his songs are included in the magic spell of One Day in the World.


Forming Krakovia, with its powerful image, seems straight out of a Tarantino film: Friends Von Bismark, singer and burlesque dancer and Petra Flurr, group reached Berlin underground punk. His first album, Road Movie, contains eleven songs in English and German surprise. They are all composed of night, with malice, combining rock punk dark adrenaline and contagious choruses.

In 1999 born La Casa Azul. Soon the group pop conquest with his stories of love, happiness and friendship. After a successful first album and drag and a real legion of fans, La Casa Azul published late 2007 The Sexual Revolution. The mystery is revealed group: group members are humanoids that serve as a vehicle for the compositions of Guille Milkyway. Their new pop songs and technological hipervitaminado be the finishing touch to BAM MTV Music Week 2008.

Start time of day scheduling 19 and 20: 23:30 hours, enclosure FORUM Barcelona.

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