When the sun we cramp (video) – Alis

When the sun we Calabre is the second video and in turn the name of the latest album Alis. When the sun is public cramp us a few months ago, March, and continuous Alís presenting throughout the Spanish geography, alone or in some tour dates Amaral.

letter When the sun we cramp

remove the question marks,
remove the doubts in the drawer,
to burn, on the stove

be better,
put all the cards on the table,
set the record straight in case thicken,
that promises, del viento am

and be bright,
always leaving behind the day before,
stop thinking about being kind,
to be hungry, or buy bread

and be bright,
moon letting us hitch,
stopping when the sun cramping,
and if there is no hunger, rest

be better,
not shut up talking to worsen,
sin to live in hell,
to be mortal and having to resurrect

be bright,
providing the cup filled with art,
rather than making us laugh by bleeding,
wounds, of this mortal life and bitch

and be bright,
singing the song of lovers,
drinking to forget who drank before,
or who was the last, to fill

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