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We shot – Second

video: Second – We shot

We shot is the third track on the disc Fractions from a second, of Second. The Murcia presents the interesting outcome of thousands of people concentrate on the Gran Via, in the capital of Murcia, during 3 days.

Over 3000 extras (daily as South) and the intense work involved filming in a central avenue of a city Javier Urosas, producer, and Jorge Martinez in the creative, print the character know that the clip needed, showing an excellent final result.

We shot a song that hooks. The kind that hits to retain and not through the head. Of which most look forward to when you hear the album.

If you have not heard the album, I recommend.

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Exquisite Corner – Second

Video: Second – Exquisite Corner

The guys Second sneak into itsaso to share Exquisite Corner. It is track number 1, which opens their fourth album, Fractions from a second.

Murcia band still immersed in an extensive tour, is leading them around the whole, and seems to have finally. The updated list have it in MySpace.

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