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Mecano's story in pictures – Typing -.

Typing is the third and final launch of the project which collects and updates the entire work of Mecano which began in March 2005. After the successful publication of Works and Greatest Hits (it remains for 15 weeks in the top ten list of best sellers in Spain, with two platinum records), the 21 March put the finishing touches on this issue this campaign Typing. This launch also coincides with the 25th anniversary Mecano for his first single, Today I can not lift, published in 1981.Typing is the photo story of Mecano more ambitious audiovisual work, complete and comprehensive that has been made with a Spanish artist. Its four DVDs presented in a luxury digipack, with more than ten hours of footage. The DVD-1 presents 39 TVE performances, since its first appearance in 1981 with Today I can not lift until the last, conducted in 1992. Mecano is passing by programs like Applause, Toccata, Opened, End of Century… A selection imperative to understand the history of Meccano and Spanish music during the decade of the 80. The DVD-2 retrieves a concert highly sought after by fans, collectors and fans: that conducted by Mecano Segovia 1984 and is a key document to approach the early years of the trio Madrid.The DVD-3 Mecano again offer live, but four years later. These recordings tour 1988 performed at concerts in Madrid and Barcelona, with bullrings and Monumental Sales, filled to the brim. It reflects technical and musical evolution of Mecano, finding the peak of a group that was making a time in Spain and Latin. The recording of these two concertos are published for the first time on DVD in Typing. Last, the DVD-4 Mecano collects concert offered in New York Palladium Room, and extracts from the massive presentation at Le Zenith in Paris, over 10.000 people crowding the room and Ana Torroja playing some French songs. They are also virtually unreleased recordings, first released on DVD and as sought by Mecano fans as the only action that with the launch of the album Ana Jose Nacho featured on Mexican television group.

Typing is the visual complement the work of Mecano, gathered in four DVDs with documents never published or very hard to find. It is the summary of a fundamental part of the history of Spanish pop and not only from the commercial point of view because, musically, Mecano invented a new way. Mecano songs fill an important chapter of the Spanish music of all time and are there to stay, what is more valuable than the many millions of albums sold by the trio worldwide Madrid.

Ana Torroja, José María Cano Nacho Cano and six albums succeeded with fundamental: Mecano (1982), Where is the fairyland? (1983), Here comes the sun (1984), Between the sky and the ground (1987), Sunday rest (1988) and Aidalai (1991). Also, Mecano released a live album (In concert, 1985) and a compilation that included new material (Ana Jose Nacho, 1998). Above 100 songs that make a work that is now offered in four DVD with live footage.

Typing is the best of Mecano in pictures, from her first album (Mecano, 1982) with a repertoire amazing for a rookie group and songs like Today I can not lift, I teach the lesson, Lost in my room, Makeup and I snuck into a party. Direct Songs, indisputable, lyrics and melodies with different, I immediately became a mirror that looked a generation.

Then came others who confirmed that inspiration and natural talent as composers José María y Nacho Cano was an inexhaustible mine. Songs like Venus boat, Air, Hawaii-Bombay, Looking for something cheap, Oh that heavy, Moonchild, So hard I forget, Cross knives, Woman against woman, The Force of Destiny, The 7 September, The positive failure, A rose is a rose… During the ten years that remained together Ana Torroja, Jose Maria and Nacho Cano, his music matured, was refined and investigated new ways. These are the songs that cover Typing, performed at different times and in different scenarios. It is the story of a Spanish pop milestone that fulfills its silver anniversary with a pitch only fills a critical gap: Mecano visual appearance and live concerts. To complete this story, the 21 Typing published March. Continue reading Mecano's story in pictures – Typing -.