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Telstra 2008, breaches the terms of their advertising campaigns

Note: I put the logo is black because the color of the future of Telstra.

It was nice while it lasted. Telstra joins the bandwagon of operators who take advantage of their customers and the illusion of these for believing in other market, opening a new era for them and also for the new stage that until now were his “defenders customers”.

Remember the basis of recent campaigns?:

  1. “Seas Card or Contract, all calls to Telstra Telstra, cost 0 cent / min.”. “No small print. No tricks”
  2. “No matter if you call 3 minutes, 1 hours or until the battery runs out of mobile. As you hear, good, as you read, only pay 12 call setup cents”.
  3. “The mobile, Truth without tales and true”.
  4. “I've grown fond of the fine print. ¡Ah!, Now that you will not see on Telstra, our prices are what they are, no tricks”.
  5. “There is a special price plan, not a ofertita, not a specific promotion. It is a new fee without fine print, no activation fee, no strings attached, o sea, as always in Telstra, it sounds like”

Well this has been on deaf ears. On Friday, the company issued a release where the 1 March 2008 “will make an update to their rates“. Bliss “update” leads to call between handsets Telstra (so far only be free and only free one hour a day and the rest will normally billed, as if it were an operator more.

The 1 November 2007 Telstra launched an aggressive movements that have occurred in the Spanish telecommunications market by a company: Yoigo Yoigo talk by 0 euro cents per minute for both customers and discharged, as for new customers. “No small print, no strings attached, etc”.

In these three months Telstra has sharply increased its share of customers ported from other companies in this campaign. being in recent months the company that led the ranking of portability. I wonder who should do now new customers? is perfectly legal? this happens a lot and it just has been a Christmas season or aggressive.

They, while, continue outside the fuss and still doing their motto flag:

Yoigo is the fourth mobile operator in the Spanish market. Your service is based on honesty, transparency, simplicity and optimization of internal resources to pass on savings to their customers and offer better services.

adiós a Razorback 2

Via error500 I found out about the news. Without a doubt bad news since it's been a while since Razorback 2 It had become my favorite server.. I leave you with the note:

Today we had breakfast with very bad news for users of eMule and any other client on the network eDonkey, the server Razorback 2 has been closed by the Belgian and Swiss authorities (Luck).

The operation has been promoted by the MPA (Motion Picture Association) and, In addition to the closure of Razorback 2, has led to the arrest of its administrator. THE MPA alleges that, plus copyrighted content, on this server child pornography or videos of terrorist training were exchanged (!!¡¡).

Given this type of news, It is worth remembering that servers eDonekey How was it Razorback 2, They do not host any type of content, They only index those that users actually share. It is also worth noting the “moral justification” with which the content industry will justify its police fight against the exchange: saving ourselves from child pornography and fighting terrorism by closing the eMule.