‘Chinese democracyde Guns N’Roses se publicará en marzo

El vocalista del grupo confirmó hace unas semanas que el elepé estaba prácticamente finalizado y añadió que “ sonaba fantástico”. Entre los 13 temas previstos para el disco están Better, There was a time, The blues, Madagascar, Silk Works and Oh my God.

Los productores de Chinese democracy han sido Sean Beavan y Roy Thomas Baker. El nuevo trabajo de Guns ‘n’ Roses marca un cambio drástico en la formación de la banda, ya que la mayoría de los miembros originales ya no forman parte del grupo. This is, moreover, el primer elepé de canciones originales que Guns N’Roses edita desde 1991 cuando publicó el doble Use your illusion.

La actual formación de Guns N’Roses cuenta con Axl Rose (voz principal, plan), Dizzy Reed (teclados y programaciones), Tommy Stinson (low, ex The Reclaments), Robin Finck (guitarra principal, del grupo Nin), Buckethead (guitarra principal), Richard Fortus (guitarra rítmica) y BrianBrainMantia (battery).

Julio Medem, “Ana Caotica” and Drink

Aside from her singing to Bebe's we have seen in supporting roles in films South of Granada and Moscow Gold (both of 2003). After this work as an actress, in 2004 took its successful entry into the world of music with cobwebs Pafuera, who left his interpretive aspect in the background.

Now, the Extremadura back through the front door to the cinema with a role no less than in the new film by Julio Medem, Chaotic Ana, whose shooting has begun today in Madrid. Throughout the póximas 11 weeks, the production will move to other locations, as the Canary Islands and Ibiza, before traveling to the U.S. to shoot in New York and Arizona.

Drink is not the protagonist of the film. That responsibility lies with the young Pussycat Dolls, who gives life to the chaotic Ana to that referred to in the title. Complete a wonderful cast of actors and actresses list, among which the veteran Charlotte Rampling (Night porter, Veredicto final, Under the Sand).

Chaotic Ana will be the first European production shot in high definition with the Sony HDCAM 950, used in Star Wars Episode III. Revenge of the Sith’ and in Sin City. In addition to this technical advance, Julio Medem has some of his usual collaborators, including the musician Alberto Iglesias, recently nominated for an Oscar for the score of The Constant Gardener.

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Sexy Sadie – “Translate”

Translate será el título del nuevo disco de Sexy Sadie. El grupo muestra la evolución de la grabación de su sexto disco de estudio a través de un weblog. En Breve más info.

Si no hay ningún cambio este es el listado de las canciones:

My home is not a place


The day that you came


Back to the drawing board

No dreams tonight

Second to Last

I’m not like you

By the fireside

Around our heads

No one’s better

On the run

Great minds

Thank you too

http://www.sexy-sadie.com/ tambien puedes ir directamente al blog http://translatethisworld.blogspot.com/

foto extraida de fotoblog. Slow down será uno de los temas que componen el nuevo trrabajo.

Hand print music Universal

Netizens can get off the Internet works by artists such as Nirvana Discontinued, Nana Mouskouri o Brigitte Bardot. Universal Internet offer these downloads for your discs.
.- Internet users can be downloaded from Internet Discontinued works of artists such as Nirvana, Nana Mouskouri o Brigitte Bardot Thanks to an initiative of the record Universal Music Group International (UMGI).With this project, submitted in London, plans to disseminate the record from next month above 100.000 recordings can no longer be found in retail outlets initially tradicionales.En, UMGI, owned by the French group Vivendi, bring to light in a first wave of Internet 3.000 recording artists UK, France and Germany.
The repertoire spans the last 40 years of music history and, moment, includes works by the singers mentioned above, and the famous Belgian solo Jacques Brel and British interpreter Marianne Faithful, among many others.
According to the vice president of Internet UMGI, Barney Wragg, “over the next three or four years we plan to re-launch a 10.000 Albums, representing over 100.000 Songs”. “This project, said the vice-provide a material, In some cases, retrieves the recorded music of early”.

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“Circular”, lo nuevo de Vega


Vega returns with a clean style, pure and with a work full of great compositions. Without a doubt, great news for his followers. Gone was her stage as an O.T girl. thus disappearing any doubt about the talent of this girl.

Last year (September 05) Vega signed a contract with Universal, record company with which he will publish his new album, that under the title of 'Circular', it is scheduled to go on the market next 27 February.

After the publication of his debut album ‘India’ (2003) The Cordovan singer returns to the national music scene at the hands of Nigel Walker, producer of well-known groups such as La Oreja de Van Gogh or El Canto del Loco.
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“Hermosilla en casa”, lo nuevo de Pedro Javier Hermosilla

Pedro Javier Hermosilla

At the end of March the singer-songwriter's new release will be published, un CD + Live DVD titled “Hermosilla en casa”. The Catalan musician's next release will be recorded in the studios 44.1 from Girona. If everything goes as planned, the recording will take place on Sunday 5 February and will feature collaborations such as Antonio Orozco, Diana Navarro and Vicente Amigo.

The single is scheduled to be released in March and the CD + DVD goes on sale at the beginning of April.


NENA DACONTE is the work of two young and experienced artists based in Barcelona., that after touring for more than a year on the country's club circuits, They decide to shape their songs into a recording with which they present themselves to the public..

I HAVE LOST MY SHOES is the generic title of this collection of a selected ten songs that are, clearly, the perfect soundtrack for young people facing love, loneliness, the search for ideals, and other difficult emotional challenges that arise in the difficult time that goes from late adolescent to adult maturity that never quite arrives.

For it, NENA DACONTE dresses her songs with texts that move easily between magical realism, nihilism, and the fair, precise and sought-after narrowness in verses and simple vocabulary, typical of the followers of Pedro Salinas and other poets of the Generation 27 In our country, which makes all the lyrics of the songs included on the album evocatively close.. Sweet vocal harmonies, with revealing lyrics of everyday life, that tell us about the eternal dramas of the adult who is born in youth. Always with a poetic and sharp vision (with sharp sung intonation), on musical structures supported by the simple and adorned by the contemporary. All very natural, very human, with direct language in search of intelligent hearts.

Classic in its conception and rabidly modern in its spirit. The “less is more” you breathe throughout the compact. The compositions are short, fragile, sincere and direct. Ringing at the first. Without artifice. Like a sigh of fresh breath that shoots accurately to the heart. Just ignore that philosophy of simplicity, the impact produced by baroque and almost pictorial photographs, that evoke the image of a dream, in which the imaginary sharpens parallelisms.

With a foreign sound in music, his style is difficult to pigeonhole. They revere Pop-Rock classics like U2, Tom Petty, R.E.M. o Elvis Costello, combined with more contemporary tastes like RadioHead, in addition to moving among the most select tastes of national pop in recent years (Rosenvigne, Mikel Erentxun, Antonio Vega, inter alia), without giving up more organic and commercial sounds.

And NENA DACONTE discovers with this album something still little explored in this country of two poles.. That magical intermediate equidistant between the commercial and the alternative. Typical and sincere of a couple who has lived in a world that is not their own, warily guarding influences that are difficult to assert in certain scenarios.

Basic pop with rock notes in some cuts. Intimate with contemporary sound with some alternative edges and edges instrumented in classical, like luxury brooches, to the simplicity of non-basic resolution compositions, but minimal; that surprise with their solemn ease, for its graceful emotion, for its fantastic execution, for its pampered and neat production.

A promising start, for young people who want to touch their feet on the ground. Directly, without interference of any kind, and who bravely assume the complete production and artistic control of their debut work, with unusual maturity.

I LOST MY SHOES by NENA DACONTE goes on sale the next day 20 March 2006.

Tienes pixeles defectuosos en tu pantalla LCD?


Via Xataka nos llega la que podria ser una solución a esos puntos defectuosos en la pantalla. Aplicable a cualquier pantalla LCD, ya sea tu monitor TFT o la pantalla de un iPod, este truco parece que realmente funciona cuando los píxeles no están realmente muertos sino que no funcionan como deberían.

As always, lleva cuidado cuando lo realices y recuerda que lo haces bajo tu responsabilidad, y nadie te asegura que vaya a funcionar, así que no te enfades si el pixel defectuoso sigue ahí tras el proceso o peor aún, el problema se ha desarrollado.

Para intentar arreglarlo sigue esos pasos:

1. Apaga el ordenador/gadget.
2. Hazte con un trapo suave que no estropee la pantalla.
3. Presiona con el trapo sobre la zona de los píxeles defectuosos pero solo en esa zona. Si la amplias podrías perjudicar los puntos de alrededor.
4. Con el trapo presionando la zona enciende la pantalla y el ordenador/gadget.
5. Deja de presionar y si todo ha ido bien, los píxeles defectuosos en los que el líquido no se difundía bien habrán recuperado su funcionamiento adecuado.

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Cuando el gigante quiere más – Dell te espia


Esta noticia esta teniendo un fuerte impacto en el sector informático. El fabricante Dell se enfrenta a fuertes críticas por parte de clientes y de una compañía de seguridad informática, que la acusan de espiar los patrones de navegación en Internet de las personas que hayan comprado sus equipos.

La información se originó inicialmente como un rumor en diversos foros de Internet, donde los clientes de Dell afirmaban que las computadoras en cuestión incluyen una versión preinstalada del programa MyWay Search. La función de MyWay Search sería analizar los patrones de navegación del usuario y sus búsquedas, con el fin de presentarle enlaces auspiciados en lugar de resultados reales de las búsquedas.

Esta opinión de los clientes de Dell es respaldada por la compañía de seguridad Sunbelt Software, que afirma que MyWay registra en secreto la navegación de los usuarios en sitios asociados a MyWay. Según Sunbelt Software, el spyware de MyWay usa la información para adaptar la oferta publicitaria que se presenta a cada usuario particular.

Dell rechaza categóricamente la información. La compañía recalca que no comercializa computadoras con spyware preinstalado. Según Dell, se trata únicamente de una herramienta que muestra resultados relevantes en las búsquedas y que puede ser fácilmente desactivada por el propio usuario, escribe IDG.

Dell instala MyWay Search en las computadoras de escritorio Dimension y en los portátiles de la serie Inspiron.

noticia estraida de diarioti

El Adiós de Presuntos Implicados

Parece que Soledad Gimenez, Juan Luís Gimenez y Nacho Mañó nos dicen adiós después de más de 20 años juntos (22 years old) y de una brillante carrera musical. Presuntos Implicados anuncia su superación definitiva para el próximo mes de mayo.
Presuntos implicados es una de las mejores bandas del pop español, con un estilo propio e inconfundible.
Es Soledad Giménez quien ha anunciado que se marcha por razones personales y por un estado de agotamiento emocional. Os dejo con el comunicado emitido en su web:
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