The Sorolla Spain and Catalonia Mir

Joaquin Sorolla y Joaquín Mir. Contemporaries, straddling the nineteenth and twentieth, International Sorolla, Mir local. Are going to be neighbors for unos months in Barcelona, specifically in Montjuïc. Sorolla in the MNAC and Mir at CaixaForum.

After traveling for half Spain arrives in the city of Barcelona the Sorolla exhibition The Vision of Spain. For the first time in Spain you can admire the 14 Sorolla panels painted for the Hispanic Society of America in New York. A large-scale custom and led him to travel the Spanish geography during 7 years old. Exposure just want to emphasize the mastery of Sorolla in solving white colors: never seen such range of whites together, all with subtle differences. After exposure Barcelona travels to Madrid and finally can be reviewed in Valencia.

The exhibition at CaixaForum Joaquín Mir is an anthology of his work and shows the path of the painter through the various stages that coincide with changes in residence: Barcelona, Majorca, Tarragona, the Vallés and Vilanova, where he resided until his death. The exhibition consists of 80 works and first shown to the public paintings from private collections. From Mir I would highlight the courage to translate the color, looking games of contrasts and obsession to find his own language, detached from European trends In advance to the vanguards of the early twentieth century.

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  1. With your permission I add the following information.

    The Sorolla exhibition at MNAC (National Art Museum of Catalonia) you can visit from the past day 20 February and Ends 3 May.
    For this exhibition you can enjoy free guided tours and commented. Free from del 25 February

    Wednesday, 17 h (català) and 17.30 h (Castilian)
    Friday, 17 h (català) and 17.30 h (Castilian)
    Saturday, 10.30 h (català), 11 h (Castilian), 12 h (català), 12.30 h (Castilian), 17 h (català) i 17.30 h (Castilian)
    Duration: 1 h 30 my

    To Mir dates of the exhibition are the 4 February to 26 April.
    Schedule: Moons has domingo, of 10.00 h a 20.00 h Saturdays, of 10.00 a 22.00 h

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