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The quartet Majorcan The Musicalité are about to introduce what will be his second studio. The target date is 6 November and the work will be extended as, if there is no last minute changes, will 16 Songs.

The Musicalité surprised us with his first work entitled This game and with songs like Breeze tea watch.

Master and slave
Singing my story
I keep walking
Your pictures
As you
Since the wind never blows
If volveré to see you
The place where I was born

on The Musicalité

The Musicalité returns with a new studio album entitled INSOMNIA where the Mallorcan band include 16 new songs. Jaime Perpiñá ( Voice and low) , Marc Palmer (guitars) , Oscar Nadal ( keyboards) and Jaume Bou (Battery) tell us about the new album:

We greatly surprised us both passed so quickly. Since the departure of the previous album This game we started to compose today is our new album and although it was hard to reconcile the promotion, concerts and recording was worth.

INSOMNIA contains all the elements that characterize recognize Musicalité but have included some new things: Whenever we finished a concert people surprised us by telling us that they liked the direct drive for this new album and we tried to capture that energy that transmit our concerts. There are also two songs in which an entire symphony with us and that is something that we always had great enthusiasm.

For the choice of songs the band wanted to take into account the opinion of the fans.Nos loved invite all these people home to listen to the 20 songs we liked best was checked and we agreed with them on almost everything.

The 16 most voted songs have been those that have been included on the disc. Jaime, Marc, Oscar and James are also producers of new album.

In the previous album and were co-producers for this new job and we were very clear we wanted each song to sound so who better than ourselves could produce? say.

The Musicalité is a pop-rock group whose current lineup is consolidated in 99. This year we held a contest called pop-rock Mallorca, where Perpiñá and Oscar Jaime Nadal, participated with the name La Musicalité. At the end of this competition and met the four training was closed. From that year to Musicalité performed hundreds of concerts and participated in dozens of musical events.

A mid-year 2001, The Musicalité signed a recording contract with Sony Music Company, with which they recorded their first album. When she released her first E.P market. qualified “tune from you”, consisting of 3 Songs. This E.P. had great success selling copies all.

During 2001-02, The Musicalité participated in major music events. Sony music, for undetermined reasons, mid-year 2002, ended its contract with practically the 90 percent of its artists, including The Musicalité.

This was not an impediment to the group, For even without record, had full support of the major radio networks. Summer 2003 The Musicalité makes the decision more difficult and painful: Leave everything in their land and move to Madrid in search of an outlet for their music.

In October and are in the capital and performed numerous concerts each time with more public. Also wins the contest ARTISTS ROUTE gives them the opportunity to play throughout Spain. In one of the concerts in Madrid Paco Ortega renowned producer is interested in the group and after months of waiting and after hearing more of the 40 songs composed by the band The Musicalité signs his second recording contract with STAR FISHERMAN company Paco Ortega.

October 2004 to February 2005 recording the first L.P. market output group has the 25 April 2005, selling over 15.000 copies. BREEZE was playing his first hit radio in all major formulas and toured with great success with audiences and critics endorse these four guys characterized by its freshness, the strength and quality that leaves no one indifferent. Madrid 2006

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