Even the balls to Iraq: Torture homosexuality sellando su year with glue

One. Up to the hilt. Both as a part of another, of the one and the other. Even the balls of both Sunnis and Shiites as of this society that only tries to see the human side of believing Iraq believe that we can educate and “Europeanize”.

My indignation overflows, reaching unthinkable levels. The news of the practices in Iraq are to blame. Homosexuals are frowned upon and are chased by militiamen torture them by putting a special type of glue, with a very strong grip, in the anus, performing a sealing thereof.

Once done, force them to drink a laxative that will cause diarrhea and this in turn gives them death as the anus is sealed and can not defecate. Best of all this, clearly, is that record these actions and made available worldwide.

No worse: the fall of the regime Saddam Hussein or the new situation that somehow we have all contributed and where now, the visible heads of the U.S. and UK, they do not want to know anything about it because they will not oppose the Iraqi government. Flip!!!!!

And it does not end here. Some hospitals refuse care to people who have suffered this type of abuse and let them die. The only solution to solve the anus is sealed surgery.

It seems that with the Iraqi militia, responsible for this, There is fun for a while. Finally, because the anger will not let me write, comentar que por si esto no fuese suficiente algunos de esos cuerpos han sido encontrados atados, with a written message that says “perverted”.

4 thoughts on “Even the balls to Iraq: Torture homosexuality sellando su year with glue”

  1. but I refuse to be, increasingly more people understand that become racist, but in my case I think I'm fully racist religions and their followers…..

  2. In situations such as this…that remains beyond the cry of rage and fist on the table? Who should we go to stop these and many other crimes against humanity?

  3. The first time I read it traumatized me a lot, estube todo el día de mala ostia y no quise ver ni hablar con nadie. Me parece muy fuerte que haya alguien con imaginacion como para realizar esa clase de torturas a gente inocente por el mero hecho de divertirse y joder a los demas.

  4. Qué es esto por Dios ! quién puede tener la mente tan cerrada para actuar de esta manera ? definitivamente hay personas que se quedaron con una mentalidad cavernicola y no progresaron. Es una lastima leer estas cosas.

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