Ex-heart – Lantana

Video Lantana Ex-heart

The actress, Málaga singer and songwriter Lantana is finalizing the details of his new job. Perhaps not many know that the artist Malaga, actually, Born in Barcelona.

With Ex-heart, Lantana presents the advance of what will be his third studio, which will be called the title of the first single, Ex-heart.

After publishing 2 work with EMI, Lantana leaves the record company to embark on his own record label, stating that recovers lost freedom and.

The theme is auto biographical and narrates the experience of the author and how this breaking lived which was hardly noticed.

The video is Sun Music.

2 thoughts on “Ex-heart – Lantana”

  1. It sounds a little weird? not seem Lantana…

    Lantana touch with Shakira? I do not know…but I love the other albums.

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