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Seria como ya lo viví – Diego Martin


Diego Martín presenta el tema Seria como ya lo viví, tema inédito y que pretende calentar motores para su nuevo trabajo que saldrá a la venta el día 2 October.

En el vídeo podras apreciar la aparición de la actriz Marta Nieto (El camino de los ingleses, o papeles puntuales en series como Cuéntame, hospital Central o Motivos Personales).

Curiosamente este tema no estará incluido en el disco y la finalidad del mismo es premiar a sus seguidores por la espera mientras acaba de dar los últimos retoces a Suspension points (nombre del nuevo trabajo).

update. Dejo el audio It would be how I already lived it para escucha y descarga.

Download MP3 free concert Andrés Calamaro and Ariel Rot

foto extraida de

Via efeeme I read the news and leave it here for anyone interested. Not a fan of Andrés Calamaro, nor, the truth, Ariel Rot. Another thing to talk about them as composers, that would be another topic for another entry.

Andrew and Ariel did a mini tour together last year and the concert in question took place in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in December 2006.

I agree with the comment made from efeeme where there are explained as no record material that tour for many is already part of history that has not been reflected or recorded on DVD.

For this mini tour of Andrés Calamaro and Ariel Rot put their voices and were surrounded by Tito Davila on keyboards, Grecco Osvi on guitar, Candy Avello on bass and drummer Joseph Bruno.

DISCHARGE Calamaro and Rot Club Ciudad de Buenos Aires

more info on efeeme and t for all

Fantasia Pop – Belanova

Belanova 2007

Mexicans Belanova return to the fray with their fourth album (Third studio work). It will be ready from 10 September and will be called Fantasy Pop.

In some forums and websites dedicated to music-themed news and Anglo Spanish territory, hacen referencia a la publicación de Fantasía Pop como el segundo trabajo de Belanova. This information is not correct or better, we will leave incomplete. There are a lot of trouble with his discography, to carry as few published. I will try to clarify.

Belanova was born in 2000 and was in 2003 when removed Cocktail to continue after, in 2005, with Dulce Beat. Later, early 2006, reissued Dulce Beat 2.0 with some acoustic versions, greatest hits remixes and original material version full. Next, that year, accompany him with Dulce Beat Live, his first live recording accompanied by a DVD.

For the recording of this album titled Fantasy Pop have traveled to Argentina, as they did for Dulce Beat, where they have met with Fito Paez to color a song called Take my hand and return to work with producer Puppy Perez trendy long. Latin Grammy winning producer of the year 2006 and counting under his belt productions Andres Calamaro, Julieta Venegas or Paulina Rubio.

They say that 50 days in Argentina give much of themselves and that cub to Perez endured a barrage of creativity and hundreds of ideas. There have been many songs written for this album and third 35 Initial began to take shape in January this year, only 11 disk will.

Denisse, vocalist, says that this album will be different. Manifiesta que han crecido musicalmente y que no son los mismos que hace unos años y que eso se reflejará en este trabajo, where there will be new sounds, more guitars and a variant of its usual rhythms.

He points out that this difference is marked by a high degree of personal involvement when making music, that mixed with musical evolution and maturity they gain will be readily apparent when comparing previous material.

Introduced new instruments and have achieved the disc sounds more guitar, softening its signature sound a little dance and leaving the door open to change. If something has differentiated Belanova the other groups that follow the same line, that style is electro-pop and play with the nuances that gives the unmistakable voice of Denisse.

Edgar turn just saying that a group Belanova is honest and that only makes things real.

The first single will be called Dance my heart and accompany a video made with paper figures., with origami techniques.

direct download Belanova works in new Aleks Syntek and I wonder

Manolo García colabora en el nuevo trabajo de Carmen




Carmen is a practically unknown group although they have extensive musical careers. Lo componen Carmen García (once called Carmen Virus) and Andreas Bräunig.

Su primer trabajo Espiritu Ansioso vio la luz en 1999 y le siguió Llévame producido por Pep Sala (del desaparecido grupo catalán Sau.

East ¿Escapas o sólo caminas? es su cuarto disco y Manolo García se ha implicado muchísimo en el proyecto. Además de la colaboración en el tema Rueda que irás muy lejos, que cantan conjuntamente, Manolo ha participado en seis de sus temas.

audio of Rueda que irás muy lejos

En la web del grupo encuentro esta definición:

“Carmen” es el identificativo del grupo formado por Andreas Bräunig y Carmen García. La pócima resultante de esta unión es una propuesta que sorprende, tanto por su fragilidad como por su contundencia. En directo la energía se eleva hacia apuntes estilísticos de alto voltaje servidos por una formación con auténtica actitud.

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descarga y escucha Bedroom Eyes

Desde Östersund (Suecia) nos llegan Bedroom Eyes. Realmente tras el proyecto se encuentra una única persona, Jonas Jonson.

Canciones de corta duración y con un sonido pop fresco en el que puedes escuchar todo tipo de instrumentos hasta llegar a crear una atmósfera.

Te recomiendo que te pases por su web y te descarges totalmente gratuitos los temas y las portadas de los mismos.

audio Bedroom Eyes

No se como decirte – Nena

No se como decirte is a song included in the first work of Nena, qualified I have lost the shoes. It is track number 9 of the disc and in the content of the lyrics you can see that they refer to the title of the disc.

They can say a lot of things baby girl. Some will be true and some will not.. What there is no doubt about is the subtlety and at the same time sweetness of the texts of the lyrics. You don't have to look for big words to convey sensations and No se como decirte is a proof of it.

audio I do not know how to tell you
that I have lost my shoes again.
that I have broken the cup
of your beautiful dreams with me.
that time is running out.
That my love has already been spent for you.
and how to miss you
if I have looked for your smell in my clothes
and I didn't find you.

That life is over as I told it.
That I have collapsed yesterday's dreams with a blow.

I do not know how to tell you
that the sea is not sad for both of us.
I do not know how to tell you
that the sun has risen in my life again.
And I don't know how to tell you
that as much as I search I have not seen you again.
I do not know how to tell you.

I almost forgot
to fill my head with things from yesterday,
water my memories
with the flowers that without warning you cut for me.

That I looked for you even in the noise of my loneliness.
That I lied to you with my paper kisses

Un día redondo – La Guardia

Un día redondo is the title of the first track that opens the new album of La Guardia that lleva by nombre On wheels.

Like so many other groups, training with some other change, It is one of those groups that after a lot of years disappeared return to the music scene. The truth is that the work follows the thread of their previous works and it is as if time had not passed for them.

Temas nuevos, with hook and good bases that in most cases do not exceed the 3 minutes.

audio of

Tequila wonders – Carlos Bravo

Tequila audio Wonders


They approach the Easter holidays and before I go I want to present as a premiere a new song Carlos Bravo.

The track is called Tequila Wonders and, personal capacity, I think it's one of his best lyrics. I love this text and that of “wet the ashes of love you do not forget” sure that most of you feel totally identified.

Thank you for this beautiful theme, Carlos.

Tequila lyrics Wonderland:

Crazy speeds. Broken bottles.
And your loneliness drinking with me.
Wetting the ashes of love you do not forget
and drinking my solitude with you.
Plugging the wounds of the last game
I'm piling on me.
Closing the curtains before I render
and notes that I can not be without you.

Give me another tequila Wonders
that if you can get it today
they no longer feel tonight.
Give me another tequila Wonders
for these tears suicide
who have never known to smile.

Wetting your face in water poisoned
paint that look gray.
Selling my words to another dawn
to just dance for me.
Playing another game that I know is lost
thinking I could be without you.

Give me another tequila Wonders
that if you can get it today
they no longer feel tonight.
Give me another tequila Wonders
for these tears suicide
who have never known to smile.

Plugging the wounds of the last game
pretending I could be without you.

Give me another tequila Wonders
that if you can get it today
tonight longer feel my love.
Give me another tequila Wonders
for these tears suicide
who have never known,
who have never been,
who have never known to smile.

Carlos Bravo

Carlos Bravo

I want to finish this 2006 and start 2007 with a beautiful theme of Carlos Romero Bravo but in the future you'll sure know how Carlos Bravo.

You have no idea who this guy? Logical, beginnings are difficult (without well takes a lot of years in this to make songs) and now it is time to share their topics topics and let people endorse the.

So do not worry if you look on emule and can not find anything. I'll leave you with one of your topics and has change only ask you to send me an email or give me your opinion leaves an entry in this post if you like.

We will continue talking about the.

Happy 2007.

Listen to your topic I have