Get me out of here – Enrique Bunbury



There are songs that have no expiration date and there are artists who succeed with some frequency or ease. Get me out of here belongs to Flamingos, one disk denser and round Enrique Bunbury in which spared no surround large as Mr. Jaime Urrutia, Quimi Portet, Shuarma , Carlos Ann, Kepa Junkera or Adrià Puntí among others.


The work went gold right out and was accompanied by an extensive world tour, nearly two years, which would then light the live DVD An appointment with Flamingos.


video letter and me out of here

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The map and the territory, Michel Houellebecq

After reading a few years ago The Possibility of an Island and some time later Platforma, Now I have decided to read me The map and the territory French writer Michel Houellebecq. These two first novels seemed quite depressed, the writer describes a society devalued, I guess that I have lived and that caused me some disappointment, I think it was so well written they were and what he told me was credible. The truth is that the books I read I was hooked and quickly.

But in his latest book, the experience has been very different, style that retains its melancholy aftertaste that characterizes depressive but I really enjoyed it and I imagine that the author also had fun incorporating many real characters in his novel even he becomes co-star in his own work.

The protagonist is a young French painter and the author describes his brilliant career. I found it very attractive to know a little artistic process, difficult beginnings, finding the inspiration, the fluke, the influence of marketing, market, All these factors make a man making art becomes valued as such. This book challenged many artistic concepts that currently make contemporary art shake so I think this book is more than a fictional novel.