Telescope – Alis


The Murcia Manuela Moreno has been commissioned to take charge of the last video of Alis. With a rear aire, Telescope, tells the story of boy love girl, to crush mode.

Moreno has done an excellent job, trying subtle and delicately weave the images that this little story and is linking with lyrics.

Telescope belongs to the last work of Alis, Material dissection.

Basic, 10 years old (2001-2011) – Tontxu

Now that Tontxu se ha reconciliado con el mundo cibernético y que el Pampero, from my perception, has taken his anger with the world, I reconciled with the desire to make entries of my favorite Spanish singer. That you have to touch my fiber facility, years, with their songs, in many different situations. If you look back, Tontxu musical footprint, presents intense in small and big stories, burned so many times, situations experienced in these unforgettable. Tremendous or what is the same: precious footprint.

The Spanish singer, if memory does not fail and the truth, I get to the music through a guitar given to him by Moncho Borrajo. Musically national en Freedom 8, in Madrid, with a whole troupe of Spanish real good and great musicians that although today, not have that perception, leave an important mark on the Spanish music scene.

For many different stages Tontxu personal past. It is extracted by plunging into his musical career. There is a before and after Basic (2001). This can be seen in the rhythm of the songs, in his lyrics and message. Since that initial Sold (1997), via Heart mundanza (1998) or the extraordinary With a song in the teeth (2000), we find songs like Not worth it, With a song in the teeth, The root, If this ends, Volvería a tropezar en esa piedra, Something you the The Middle.

Trying to make a memory exercise to compare the second or third work of an artist who had so many good songs together, y que este no fuera su álbum debut. A mi cabeza, name does not come any more.

Then came the turn, the jump, with Contact with reality (2004) and Strings vowels and consonants (2005), up to In the Name of the Father (2008), his latest studio.

For years, when someone special has appeared in my way, whether for a few hours or to stay and not go, when I had the chance to connect musically and start sharing music, songs and groups, beers and gin and tonics, de grabar cd’s y de enviar canciones, Basic has been guarded like a treasure. Tesoro a mostrar. Silly, truth? that's me…one tontainas.

Basic was accompanied by a DVD, lasting 100 minutes, which included an exclusive interview, el making off y unos bocetos. On that occasion, Olga Cerpa, Antonio Vega and kepa Junkera recording clothed.

Shortly due to be published this Solo Tontxu, his eighth album. Da la sensación que, desde Argentina y con otros aires, promises to retrieve the best Tontxu. That boy close…that they fell asleep in the arms of any muse, and now reawakens.

This is my Basics of Tontxu, as amended 2011, with 21 tracks. Beautiful songs and lyrics, no expiration date.

It will be available 48 hours. After that time you can listen on line.

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The sky in my head – Guerrero Garcia


One Guerrero Garcia? Cheering premiered August rencién, they are given around here, with The sky in my head.

The song belongs to the band's first job, who prior to the publication of this, publicaraon EP where this issue was included as a central theme.

Recycling, the former voice of the band 091, Jose Antonio Garcia, continue with their projects and just introduced Preparations, his new job.


Letter Heaven on my head

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Verbatim – Marwan


This is the opening track Aerialist, the third work Marwan. It consists of 12 this songs and recorded and produced in Madrid, CINCOMASMUSIC studies. Delivered by Ismael Guijarro and Pablo Cebrian. You do not know very well because there are jobs that come and go. At time, in the distance. Trapeze is one of them.

the song, this is what Marwan told: I wrote for a Spanish TV show. The principle focus it cost me because I tried to write something that suited the program but could not take him where he thought they would like. Finally I decided to take my writing. The premise of the song was playing with language, with the words. And I did. The song is my humble and naive proposals to change the world, to make it more innocent, Kinder, less politically correct and more ethically correct. A declaration of intent.

audio letter and word by word

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