Bunbury and Vegas in the Gran Teatro del Liceo – Barcelona

The Lyceum will host Barcelona next Thursday 30 November the only performance that Bunbury and Vegas will offer to present their common project 'The time of cherries’. Según Bunbury, this work began in June 2005, before they would end their tour with Hurricane Ambulatory, who left early “by desire to investigate and learn” and “take a different approach” his career after “covered a cycle”.

“I wanted to collaborate with other musicians and feed back. Start a new stage with nothing to do with the previous one because human relationships go bad routines for creating, but also understand who is with the formula and equipment”, explained the singer. A musician oriented electronic Barcelona, Carlos Ann, was the promoter of this project, a “lifeline” para Bunbury, and collaboration with Vegas “how not to face it alone”.

Bunbury and Vegas sought “a common” where were happy, a place that was not clear at first, but park two months the project and assemble a backing band mixed, with members of their respective formations, helped them define “this band sound” so sought.

“There was an idea, yes a common context in which two personalities marked fall, an attitude of understanding music and songs, with common references and the same universe”, the agency Efe said Nacho Vegas. “If I say a few years ago, I would have been strange record with Enrique”, adds.

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Although you do not know

Although you do not know
I invented a name
I drogué with promises
and slept in cars.

Although you do not understand
never write the return address on the envelope
by not letting my tracks.

Although you do not know
I've slept on your back
my bed and complains
cold when you leave.

I shielded my door
and when morning
I did not even notice
that and were never.

Although you do not know
we said so
hands so full
getting leaner and leaner.

We invented tides
tripulábamos boats,
lit with kisses
the sea of ​​your lips.

Letter: Quique González – from CD Since no see of Enrique Urquijo and Problems

Universo será el título del primer trabajo de Shuarma

El primer trabajo en solitario del que fuera vocalista de Elephants e integrante (junto con su pareja) of The average Luna ya tiene nombre: Universe.

Shuarma se encuentra en plena grabación de Universe, low production Joe Dworniak y este se está grabando a camino entre Londres, Barcelona y África. Define el trabajo como una radiografía emocional, intenso en sus sensaciones y comprometido con sus propios sentimientos.

Desde la web de Shuarma puedes leer cosas tan interesantes como esta:


Porque el Universo lo es todo,
y porque el Universo no es nada.
Porque el Universo es bien,
y porque el Universo tambien es mal.
Porque el Universo es paz,
y porque el Universo tambien es guerra.
Porque el Universo es luz cegadora,
y porque el Universo es tambien oscuridad total.
Porque el Universo es inmenso,
y porque a veces no lo encontramos.
Porque todos estamos dentro del mismo Universo,
y porque todos sentimos un Universo distinto.
Porque hay millones de porques….
como que tambien se puede leer Universo al reves.

Y porque yo estoy descubriendo mi propio Universo,

y ademas es una palabra que me encanta.

Por eso y por muchas otras cosas que aun no sé,

mi primer disco en solitario se llamará “Universe”


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Paulo Coelho y su visión de P2P.

I came to know through my niece that The Witch of Portobello, my last book, It was already circulating on the Internet even before it was printed.. I was perplexed: How could something like this have happened?

The next step, Of course, was to go to all the search engines to locate the manuscript, always without result. Nonetheless, my niece showed me the original. I assumed it had been sent by one of the five people I usually show my texts to before publishing them., but that meant suspecting beings I love. Also, I have been sending you my manuscripts for years., and this type of leak had never been given to the general public. Nor was it logical to hold the editors responsible, They have no interest in freely disseminating what is their source of income..

I decided to forget about it: after all, The Internet is truly a means of democratizing culture. But, anyway, I kept chasing my niece, of 24 years old, to tell me where he had gotten the manuscript. After much sneaking, She ended up discovering a universe that I, I've been surfing the net for ten years now., I was completely unaware, and it is absolutely impossible to control (How will I explain at the end?, although I think that most of the people who read this text already know what I mean).

And since there is no way to fight against the impossible, I just asked him to show me this gigantic spider web. And that was how, for four hours, I got into the skin of a “pirate” of myself. This niece maintains that there is nothing wrong with this, That's what Internet culture is like., This is precisely how the world is changing., and not with the anti-globalization demonstrations in world forums.

But, what is internet culture? According to his words, Access to information and pleasure is part of everyone's fundamental rights. If you have money to buy a book, one buys it and that's it, since it is much more pleasant to read books printed on paper. But just because you lack money, you don't have to give up your rights.: you have to find a way to exercise them.

How? There is a strange area on the Internet known in English as “Peer 2 Peer”. I looked for a translation (in a free internet dictionary) and it comes to mean, more or less, "from peer to peer", although it is also known as “Peer to Peer” or simply “P2P”..

How originated? My niece has the answer well learned: At first the intention was none other than to satisfy the desire to communicate. Then came the need to talk to several people at the same time.. But talking wasn't enough: it was necessary to share the experience of listening to certain music, to read a certain book, to see the movie that fascinated us… At the time when there were not even laws on the matter, los bytes were exchanged freely. When the entertainment industry finally found out about this and the repression began, young Internet users always stayed one step ahead. So until today.

The concept also changed: Before what was interesting was sharing with friends what was admired, while, nowadays, The aim is to leave something that we consider should be shared available to whoever wants it..

It consists more or less of the following: I buy a book, I like, I scan it completely saving it on my hard drive, and at the same time I open a tunnel so that someone can get here and take it away. I, for me, I enter this same tunnel to go to other people's computers, and I also take everything that interests me (usually songs and movies). Little by little, This material ends up distributed throughout the world, and there is no way to prevent it from being copied.

After that, my niece showed me that only in one of the many areas of “Peer 2 Peer”, can be found 325 my works, in various languages, recorded on hundreds or thousands of computers. I have to confess that I felt very honored with the discovery: It was proof that readers are really the key element in the dissemination of a work, although this is done through unconventional means.

It's clear that I'm not going to tell anyone how to get there. (involves a whole series of legal procedures, and it could complicate my life). It will also not be useful to type the expression in search engines: These will not provide any Open Sesame. But if you have someone in your home with less than 18 years old, Without a doubt this person already has a collection of songs that come from this place.. Ask your child, to your grandson or nephew.

But, por favor, Don't tell him that I just found out about this only now.: It's going to seem like I'm too old, and I will lose a reader.

via Warrior of the light . You also can visit Paulo Coelho

Mas guapa – La Oreja de Van Gogh

Buenas noticias para sus fans. Diciembre (y antes de la campaña navideña) The Donostiarras La Oreja de Van Gogh They will put a double CD titled Más guapa.

This double job, which is put into circulation on the day 5, collects on a first CD all the songs of Lovely and the second contains 12 new songs and versions resulting from these last months of touring.

They have just returned from the United States and have already resumed their Spanish tour with new dates. The first concert will be at the Anoeta Velodrome, in San Sebastian.

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Altavoces decorativos que son un cuadro – SoundArt


La revolución decorativa se va extendiendo, poco a poco, a todos los dispositivos. Via Xataka leo esta entrada sobre los altavoces SoundArt. Me imagino que esto aún no se comercializa y que si se hace, su precio será alto.

Nos cuentan que estos altavoces se cuelgan en la pared a modo de cuadro y que en el se puede mostrar una fotografia de una calidad aceptable.

Si quieres saber más en Xataka lo cuentan.

Can I Go Back. The Tribute

After five years of solution and with twelve albums behind former members of the group Goat Soup will see as it comes to light a tribute album with 15 of his most popular songs by other artists but versioned.

Take this opportunity to recall that Gerard Quintana, vocalist, has continued to do things and that the day 10 is put on sale the charity cd Marató for TV3 (one of the most important) where Gerard has adapted and translated a topic Leonard Cohen versionándolo for the occasion.

Can I go back. The Tribute. This title has been collected the songs that other artists have recorded for this tribute to the catalan group Sopa de Cabra.

With a lineup of artists, national scene, very interesting the next day 27 goes on sale Can I go back. Tribute.

In going to find artists like Amaral who dare to català on the subject Camins. Sidonie sings The far south and the group Manresa Dogs will with Sota a star.

Also be Shepherdess, Bunbury, Russian House the Shuarma that surely delights us with the subject If you stay with me. So, Shuarma, opens the appetite for what will be his first solo album, we remember will be ready in a few months.

There will be a new song called Continue dreaming and run by the same group Goat Soup.

El tren de los momentos – Alejandro Sanz

The time has come to talk about the latest work of Alejandro Sanz. After many listens, the result is none other than to see how Alejandro Sanz is losing the course of his career towards the unknown.

Totally agree with a review I just read where they comment that “continues far from the inspiration of his best days and delves into the failed formula of “Is not the same“.

Where is the most intimate Alejandro, most heartbreaking, more intense?. I understand that an artist evolves, but I don't understand an artist who says he has found his true way of singing and his authentic origin. Is this the flamingo?? it will be but he is wrong all, all.

I liked the boy who struggled with his phonetics and pronunciation better.. I understand, and respect, that once success has arrived, do what fills you the most, but beware, that has a price.

I leave you with this interesting note that, as I have already mentioned before, seems very accurate to me..

Alejandro Sanz offered the best version of himself in “3” and “Plus”. The man from Madrid delivered themes that throbbed sensitivity through the details of love from heartbreak. Dressed in the dress that best suits you, italian melodic song balladeer, conquered the Spanish market and crossed the borders of our country. His romantic lyrics and above all his pulse for melodies made him (as well as a bestseller) a source of inspiration for other Latino musicians.

His most obvious downhill comes with his last two pitches: “Is not the same” and now “El tren de los momentos”, in which the singer undertakes a tour de force towards new genres that underline their limitations. It would be absurd to criticize his concern to open up to new horizons (evolution is a train that every artist needs to catch), but it happens that in his flirtations with hip-hop, reggaeton or fusion does not go well. The presence of the Cuban Lulo Pérez in the production of his latest works seems key to understanding the new parts of his music.

In “El tren de los momentos”, their seventh studio album, Sanz seems to expiate the pain of their separation with a barrage of regrets. The rupture appears in confessional lyrics that air a certain vital disenchantment. The best finds on the album are found in house-brand ballads like 'Where we converge', 'I appreciate but not’ or 'On the soles of your feet'. Although things go awry in poorly digestible concoctions like 'They bother’ or 'The little fight', and failed attempts at felt emotion (case of the tiresome 'I love you and I fear you’ or the outdated and predictable 'You tell him').

The track-list from the album is as follows:

01. Show me your hands
02. To the first person
03. I appreciate but not
04. where we converge
05. On the soles of your feet
06. the little fight
07. you tell him
08. They bother
09. I love you, love you
10. El tren de los momentos

Source: yahoo music