Misery – Maroon 5



El 21 de Septiembre se pone en circulación Hands all over, el tercer trabajo de los californianos Maroon 5 que ya circula por la red y que en la web oficial del grupo anuncian para hoy.  De momento se desconoce el número de pistas que se incluirán dentro de Hands all over.

A juzgar por el sonido de Misery,  parace que el grupo recupera ese estilo fresco y pegadizo que les caracterizo y los lanzo a la fama mundial con la presentación de su primer trabajo, Songs about Jane.

Misery http://www.itsaso.com/mp3/Maroon5_Misery.mp3



letra Misery


Oh yeah
Oh yeah
So scared of breaking it
But you won’t let it bend
And I wrote two hundred letters
I won’t ever send
Somehow it is cut so much
Deeper then they seem
You’d rather cover up
I’d rather let them be
So let me be
And I’ll set you free

I am in misery
There ain’t no other
Who can comfort me
Why won’t you answer me?
Your silence is slowly killing me
Girl you really got me bad
You really got me bad
I’m gonna get you back
Gonna get you back

Your salty skin and how
It mixes in with mine
The way it feels to be
Completely intertwined
It’s not that I didn’t care
It’s that I didn’t know
It’s not what I didn’t feel,
It’s what I didn’t show
So let me be
and I’ll set you free

Say your faith is shaken
You may be mistaken
You keep me wide awake and
Waiting for the sun
I’m desperate and confused
So far away from you
I’m getting here
Don’t care where I have to go

Why do you do what you do to me, yeah
Why won’t you answer me, answer me yeah
Why do you do what you do to me yeah
Why won’t you answer me, answer me yeah