Them VS. You VS. Me – Finger Eleven

The guys Finger Eleven already have around the internet your new job. The work was intended for distribution and sale 6 March but as I commented already available on the net before publication. Only a matter of looking.

This Canadian band consists of Scott Anderson (vocalist), James Black (guitar), Rick Jackett (guitar), Sean Anderson (low) and finally, Rich Beddoe (battery).

The first single of Canadians is Paralyzer and this is the video.


List of songs that make Them VS. You VS. Me

01. Paralyzer
02. Falling On
03. I’ll Keep Your Memory Vague
04. Lost My Way
05. So-So Suicide
06. Window Song
07. Sense of a Spark
08. Talking to the Walls
09. Change the World
10. Gather & Give
11. Them vs. You vs. Me
12. Easy Life

More info finger eleven

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