Kinda Fantastic – Pájaro Sunrise


Que te parece si empezamos este lunes de Agosto con buen ritmo?

Letra Kinda Fantastic

Well, there’s that sparkle in your eyes
as if you had drunk a bit to much
doesn’t it fit you like a glove?
kinda fantastic.

I see you climbing up the roof
just for the fun of getting nue.
bikini strips glow in the sun
kinda fantastic

Kinda fantastic,
stars don’t know their names.
Kinda fantastic,
we wake and they’re still there.
Kinda fantastic.

Well there’s a riddle in your hair,
a bit of you spread everywhere.
no use in asking, got to guess.
kinda fantastic.

I am not getting carried away,
i know no words to tell the tale
out over the hills a giant sleeps
kinda fantastic.

(sweet and elastic,
you look fantastic.
german dancing,
russian plastic)

If there’s a way
there must be your way
you keep in mind.

If there’s a land,
there must be your land
the land of german dancing, russian plastic.

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