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Sing for You – Tracy Chapman

The singer and songwriter Tracy Chapman returns to present musical 2008 with his eighth album 'Our bright future', and that will be released 10 November.

The girl's voice so unique and has captivated us all at one time or another, announced that the presentation will be accompanied by hard European tour.

This is the eighth album of Tracy and agrees to comply with 20 years after the publication of his first album.

Our Bright Future will con11 new topics and presentation including single Sing for fou will be the first track on the disc and that reminds me of his first compositions, Tracy 100%.

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Our Llachs – Manu Guix

Rarely, contadísimas, llama mi atención el trabajo de un artista que se arriesga a poner en circulación todo un nuevo trabajo discográfico donde todos los temas himnos de otro autor.

This is the case of Manu Guix being thrown into the ring with Our Llachs, Updated versions of the singer Lluis LLach. El nombre del trabajo ya se define por si solo pero es cuando este empieza a sonar, when you realize that you have selected topics have included in the: Lucky, Roda the A white cloud and so 11 topics, one after another, each amazing in their arrangements.

Whether Lluis Llach like you can sign in the, that you can feel identified or not, and parking political and territorial issues, we must recognize that over the years Llach songs have become generational anthems for many.