Mr. Lucky – Chris Isaak

Buenisimo Californian's return Chris Isaak, has performed the duties: back with a great album. It may seem that I repeat útlimamente, diciendo lo mismo en las últimas entradas, but let me give you the reasons for you to hear Mr. Lucky:

audio Cheater’s Town


It is a genuine disc. Where Isaak prints the essence of its beginnings and remember where it is inevitable Blue Hotel, to listen to new issues. While it is true that Isaak has never abandoned his style, that style cincuentero, his later works had found a little monotonous and now, with Mr. Lucky, Chris Isaak regresa para imprimir un carácter más marcado a cada tema, highlighting the concept track to track single, releasing that sound garage or road, but for that you had to retrieve items from the past and dive into the trunk of the notes to recover half-finished threads of the past, otros que solo fueron lineas dispersas en servilletas de papel y trozos de recortes de diario y que nunca llegaron a formar nada en la linea deseada.

Much less is reprehensible, none of that. Es solo for information. How many artists have written something that not convicting them, simple lines that alone do not say anything and that, over the years, the evolution and maturity (in most senses) have been embodied in texts finishes, today are still great songs, many years after. I know a few…

audio We let her down