Miquel BARCELÓ in Barcelona

During this summer we can enjoy two exhibitions the artist Miquel Barceló (Felanix 1957) Barcelona. The two exhibitions are a tour of the artist's work.

In the Santa Monica Arts Centre presents the initial work and painter unknown, one which goes from the year 1973 until 1982 that participated in the Documenta in Kassel which meant his consecration as international painter. The exhibition can be visited until 26 September.

The other exhibition takes place at CaixaForum, coming from Madrid and Barcelona can be seen to 9 January 2011. Here the works exhibited are those between 1983 until 2009 with their participation in the Venice Biennale.

In the two exposures observed recurrence of the themes of his paintings, using different art techniques throughout his career and even his most savage and primitive. And to show the video “Pasodoble”, also screened at Caixa Forum.


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