The train of madness – Calvin Harris

Through my friend That, with whom we share more things every day, I discovered Calvin Harris, a young singer with Malaga 26 year sees published his first album of the hand of Carlos Jean.

It is the first time a singer with some “leave” in voice captivates me. In brief talk about this pleasant discovery that combines a soft pop songwriting.

Awesome direct.

As I read over the network, and strongly agree, go and see to give a class to OT and could but have talent, not only voz.


The last passenger train has run me out
The last load of coal to the boiler failed
As crazy, by trusted, value myself not
And see the future alone and wander in its response.

At the next station I call sanity
I will use it to take away the doubts.

Let's stop killing, let's stop malherirnos
You on your way, I on my way
If we can not avoid.

Aimlessly and forth is what prevails now
Green light for the dreams that wake
For silly, not realize how much you earned
And refuge in his arms, relieved knowing that I.

In an old train car I found what I was looking
A steam explosion and the smoke shouting.

3 thoughts on “The train of madness – Calvin Harris”

  1. Thanks KARIÑO, I have been put to me goosebumps mentioned on your website. It is an honor!!!

    Glad you liked it and you've got the guts to ditty.

    Many Musus


  2. Awesome direct!!! well say.
    I notice a lot on vocals, color, sharpness, if you lengthen the note, you respiran, if not breathe, if link phrases… This girl, Calvin Harris, makes everything difficult, running out of air and ends up with a filato, voice like a fine thread, and it seems that no effort, and accompanying herself on guitar and in live, No gimmicks.
    I guess I'll be gone for many years singing lessons, where you learn a lot but also lost nuances and give personality to let the voice, her voice retained its staff.
    I hope you come back to talk about it… I will listen to the video again…

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