Love is a simple thing – Tiziano Ferro


Go album has released sr. Iron. Round. Love is a simple thing is the fifth published work and after analyzing, immersing myself in the , writing is the best of his career. The tough personal time has passed before returning to reconcile with himself, effect has emerged and is reflected in the composite set of songs and length selected for the.

It stays true to his style, their sound is unique and easily recognizable, but now it evolves, including new sounds. It moves away from the electronics to approach the R&B, a warmer sounds. It is the first time that Titian has traveled to Los Angeles to record an album. Ferro packed up and went to the Henson studios with producer Michele Canova and there, practically pull, recorded all the Work. The choice of musicians like Mike Landau or Reggie Hamilton, no accident and has its weight in the final result.





Tiziano In a recent statement said that the album is performed and recorded virtually live, in one sitting, without my adding and overlaying tracks. Maybe that's what this paper denoting, The songs do not wrap too, despite being nuanced. Very clean Songs, easy listening, worked with lyrics and vocally mature Titian.

Love is a simple thing contains 14 new issues which, for the Spanish version, 9 have been translated into Castilian, 4 retain the original Italian and 1 topic in English, which closes the album. The acclaimed LMFAO and Mexican Monica Velez have collaborated in the development of adaptations.

First Tiziano Ferro includes two tracks not composed by the. These are I have no fear Irene Grandi and The End, written by Italian Generation.

The promotional video and first single is called The difference between you and me.

Speaking of collaborations. With Titian the same feeling I have always: I prefer it to the, with their original versions and solo, in vocal collaborations with other artists. This is what drives me to go through a collaboration, a duet, with A small, and the video will be released soon . The theme chosen to sing with Malu is the work's title, Love is a simple thing. The truth is that the duet sounds great, but the song alone earns intensity and depth.

Maybe Karma, the theme that closes the album and which we find the unmistakable voice of John Legend, the exception of this review.


solo release Love is a simple thing


Malú version – Love is a simple thing