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Ask the Dust – Zahara


With the beautiful voice Zahara we get carried to present Préguntale to polvo. the first single from his new job, The couple toxic.

After its ups and downs with Universal, Zahara's hand returns Music Bus and with Ricky Falkner. The 25 we hear the results of this new work.

Defined as a set of stories with bitter taste, where there is no path and set where, even so, we still get off that treadmill, knowing that we will feel the loneliness.

A sad record, born of sad stories, a certain time.





The trouble is in the air – Andrés Suárez


Today, 4 October, Andrés Suárez returns to the music scene with a new illusion. Called The trouble is in the air and is the official presentation of the first single When the tide again, the long-awaited work of Galician.

When the tide again available from 9 November, coinciding with the start of the new tour, Barcelona. There you will see in the Acrobats Festival , opening for Ivan Ferreiro.

3 days later and, in the city of Barcelona, presentation will solo disc. You can follow the List of concerts scheduled to date.


video letter and the devil is in the air

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Hero – IL Divo


Do not fall to live is to learn,today there is nothing to fear if you believe in yourself . There are battles to be won. That is the summary of this song Il Divo training, in a live performance.

This is the first entry in where school Il Divo and going, with all my heart, for “someone”.


Letter Hero

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Replicate – Fanfarlo

It certainly surprised the direction towards which it is directed Fanfarlo.

Telescope – Alis


The Murcia Manuela Moreno has been commissioned to take charge of the last video of Alis. With a rear aire, Telescope, tells the story of boy love girl, to crush mode.

Moreno has done an excellent job, trying subtle and delicately weave the images that this little story and is linking with lyrics.

Telescope belongs to the last work of Alis, Material dissection.

The sky in my head – Guerrero Garcia


One Guerrero Garcia? Cheering premiered August rencién, they are given around here, with The sky in my head.

The song belongs to the band's first job, who prior to the publication of this, publicaraon EP where this issue was included as a central theme.

Recycling, the former voice of the band 091, Jose Antonio Garcia, continue with their projects and just introduced Preparations, his new job.


Letter Heaven on my head

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Verbatim – Marwan


This is the opening track Aerialist, the third work Marwan. It consists of 12 this songs and recorded and produced in Madrid, CINCOMASMUSIC studies. Delivered by Ismael Guijarro and Pablo Cebrian. You do not know very well because there are jobs that come and go. At time, in the distance. Trapeze is one of them.

the song, this is what Marwan told: I wrote for a Spanish TV show. The principle focus it cost me because I tried to write something that suited the program but could not take him where he thought they would like. Finally I decided to take my writing. The premise of the song was playing with language, with the words. And I did. The song is my humble and naive proposals to change the world, to make it more innocent, Kinder, less politically correct and more ethically correct. A declaration of intent.

audio letter and word by word

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A New Man – Federico Wolf & Tontxu


The Uruguayan Federico Wolf and our estimate Tontxu, we leave this topic fruits of their first collaboration together and which is called A new man.

If you want to know a little more about the work and the sound of Federico, you can hear his first job Margarita Black the Temporary signal, su second album. It would be more correct to label it as EP, to contain only five songs.

You can keep track consulting your space MySpace



Boca on earth – Vetusta Morla

Boca on earth is removed from Maps, second job Vetusta Morla. Beautiful song and lyrics, who can take any terrain, in any of its formats. Both in this version, Day of music in acoustic format, and if you see them spinning in concert, with full band, as I had occasion to see in Barcelona, sala Razzmatazz.

lyrics and video Boca on earth

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The future tense – Eladio and loved ones


If I liked before, now I love. Eladio and loved ones has been one of the bands I was accompanied by land and Murcia, in short, I will speak in more detail.

Dates of upcoming concerts

Eladio and loved ones are: Eladio Santos, Marcos Vazquez, Oscar Duran, David Outumuro y Ovidio López.