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James Blunt celebra sus 6 millones de copias vendidas con la reedición de “Back to Bedlam”

James Blunt
Increible, truth? como la sencillez de una persona pueda calar y llegar a todos los rincones del planeta. James Blunt posee un romanticismo limpio, puro y escaso en estos tiempos que corren.
6 millones de copias lleva vendidas hasta el momento. El álbum fue publicado inicialmente el 11 de octubre de 2004, pero no fue hasta su reedición en junio de 2005 cuando el nombre de James Blunt empezó a hacerse tremendamente popular en Reino Unido y, poco después, en el resto de Europa.
El disco fue grabado en Los Ángeles y producido por Tom Rohk bajo la tutela de Linda Perry, ex cantante de 4 Non Blondes.
En España, se reedita en versión digipapck de lujo.

Basic 3 – Carlos goñi returns in acoustic and surrounded by friends


Revolver publish the 7 March 2006 ‘Basic 3’, a collection of hits from the band with several unreleased tracks and has the support of well-known artists in our country: Alvaro Urquijo, Mikel Erentxun, Sasha Sokol and Enrique Bunbury. The latter thus returns, briefly, to the stage after his sudden withdrawal Cuban, a few months ago.

'Basic 3’ will go on sale in CD format, DVD –that includes extra content and making-off– Luxury and Special Edition Digipack –also including the concert DVD–.

For this occasion, Carlos Goñi has chosen a repertoire based on their last three studio albums: South, 8:30 a.m and Mestizo. The two new songs are: Sailors Stranded and All That Which I will never. In this work (that has already been recorded), Goñi will be accompanied by a band of 10 musicians who have worked with Revolver throughout his career.

Alvaro Urquijo accompanies him on the subject “Scaring the Hurricane”. Erentxun Mikel does with “Sara” and the charismatic Henry than it does with “Faro Lisbon”.

La vuelta de Bocelli con Amore

“Love” is the new album that Andrea Bocelli plans to publish at the end of February in Spain. In other countries it is scheduled to be published on the day 14 February and the list of songs may vary depending on the country of publication.

It will have the collaboration of international artists such as Kenny G, Christina Aguilera, Stevie Wonder o Mario Reyes, flamenco guitarist.
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Removal of a divo – Songs 96-06


What to say about Enrique Bunbury and the imminent appearance of this collection? Clean Slate? whims of a diva with delusions of grandeur? The record company strategy? I really do not know, but I do not care. Despite not being a friend of the collections, who are to be, I make small concessions if included new material or if the issues have become aa be recorded.

It's a great opportunity to raise issues of quality that shine for their arrangements, for strength and thematic. Bunbury's why it has been selected from a group of 100 Spanish artists as Best National Artist.

The majority of the songs have been collected (via web) by feedback of his fans and among which I find myself. Work out at the end of February and as you can see is a selection of his most emblematic. If no changes This lists:

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Lena arropada por Alejandro Sanz

air Lena presents her first album and she does it surrounded by Alejandro Sanz himself. This young promise of Cuban / American origin has participated as a backup singer on the album “Is not the same” by Alejandro Sanz. Despite being her first solo work, Lena has been in the music world for several years..

Pianist, composer and also performer, Lena daughter of fellow singer Malena Burke and granddaughter of Elena Burke, considered one of the best Cuban artists. All the songs are signed by her and the album has been produced by Emmanuel Rufinengo and is recorded in Milan (Italy)

Production contains 12 songs that capture different moments in the life of the performer, there she sings to a complicated and forbidden love in “Come and…”, as well as the lack of love in “May god forgive you”. Wake up dreams in “Follow me” and the inner passions in “I can swear it”, “Wake up your life” the “Old days”, also honors the memory of his grandmother in “Eternal passing” and to his homeland in “Ororeyra”, song that “I wrote when leaving Cuba and what it means in my life”.

El esperado regreso de una desconocida


With two published works “Acoustic Soul” and “Voyage to India” India.Arie is about to release her third album. This Denver-born woman ( Colorado, USA) She is a great unknown despite having a beautiful voice and an excellent delicacy when it comes to selecting the tracks that make up her works.

India.Arie often explains that she put a dot in her name to make it recognizable, as a brand. His music is honest, unpretentious and heartfelt. Combining rich melodies, warm and enveloping voices, natural instrument textures and simple yet powerfully focused messages.

The preview of his new work sounds in the purest Indian style, Arie and you can already listen to it. If you still don't know her and want to know more about her, try her best-known topic so far. Called “video” y pertenece a Acoustic Soul.

Great fighter with sensitive issues such as AIDS, He has recently collaborated on a documentary with the actress Ashley Judd where they show the reality of the disease in Africa.


The CD will be titled Testimony: Flight. 1, Life & Relationship, and its expected publication date is the next 9 May. Life & Relationship is the first part of a project that India.Arie intends to divide into two parts. The second will talk about love and politics.


air A few days ago I came across this cd. Paul Moro Perhaps not a great voice, Maybe I did not bestseller lists but the lyrics have a hook, that “I do not know that…” it does not lose sight. Considered from these, its inception, a composer of eclectic tastes. I dare to say that playing to a sympathetic nod to the lived and their musical influences.

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More than music

Tontxu to back. And he has stories to tell. Short but intense, so we could describe his new job. Listen to what he has to say and see how pervasive musical notes space. Decatar topics as “Amelie”, “Dear Marta” and “nosy Song”.

The first post of this embryo called itsaso , match Tontxu, my favorite singer. In the first inning I dedicate this. For all situations where his music was lived a thread. Ignorance. Feelings. Music that plays with his lyrics…

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