This is called STEALING (legally)

canon cd

Today I'd bring-a play entirely written an entry Enrique Dans and that we should give pause to all and, above all, politicians who approved. Is as follows:

This invoice that you see (thanks, Xavier) is simply outrageous image, of unreason, of theft. I do not mind being robbed and to do so at knifepoint: in fact, Worse, because in this case I can not even seek the protection of a police.

Few products bear a tax burden worth more than the price of the property levied. Neither gasoline, no alcohol, or snuff reach such a thing. Clear, positions to steal, let's do it in those products which have a direct impact on the information society, what more to annoy those "digital assholes": their storage media, sus the hard drives, made it wrong and drafting an ambiguous, up as the Asus Eee PC or Mac Book Air supplied flash memory. Never mind that you buy for something to burn your photos, to work, to distribute a program or for whatever you want: in any case, fund all the friends of the SGAE.

Not expected is less impressive. About injusto. About Salvaje. This is what a hurry at the end of the last legislature passed our politicians: the authentic image of unreason. Protecting culture?? Do not make me laugh ...

removable-do of Enrique Dans

For that…to continue supporting the PSOE and all his colla.

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