Love is a simple thing – Tiziano Ferro


Go album has released sr. Iron. Round. Love is a simple thing is the fifth published work and after analyzing, immersing myself in the , writing is the best of his career. The tough personal time has passed before returning to reconcile with himself, effect has emerged and is reflected in the composite set of songs and length selected for the.

It stays true to his style, their sound is unique and easily recognizable, but now it evolves, including new sounds. It moves away from the electronics to approach the R&B, a warmer sounds. It is the first time that Titian has traveled to Los Angeles to record an album. Ferro packed up and went to the Henson studios with producer Michele Canova and there, practically pull, recorded all the Work. The choice of musicians like Mike Landau or Reggie Hamilton, no accident and has its weight in the final result.


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Mix of you and me – Fon Román


At this point in the film, Mr. Román solo, more credible than all together Spanish MPs, and despite being his second solo, has little to show. Credible, very credible.

POPartesanal is a return trip,intimate tour, a tender look at the delicacy and beauty of things made with hands.
It is also a new road which will combine music and crafts, and which will lay the groundwork for what will be his next album.

Roman Fon's music is defined by its ability to evolve and emotion.

Given these characteristics and the release of their second album interlinings, now embarks on a tour of 8 concerts in unusual places. This workshop will give concerts in new artisans, People who keep to traditions in manufacturing and at the same time you are given a twist.

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Annie Hall – Luis Ramiro


Ramiro walks around town this weekend. Specifically what will this Friday 8, at room Uncle Jack C/Roselles, 32 L'Hospitalet , Barcelona. It will do the 21, in concerts 11 aniversario nits to art Entries and i can buy for 10 EUR or the day of the concert, box office, by 12 euros.


Lately I like listening versions (in this case a test) different from those included in the disk. This time it's the turn of Annie Halthe.

On Friday present songs from his latest work published in 2011, The world ahead and will review their discography.


letra Annie Hall


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Carita Fool (acoustic) – Marwan



This man is making small strides. The maturity of his lyrics, the subtlety and sensitivity of his latest work confirms the good moment that Marwan is going.

Carita Fool is one of the new songs that have been included within Things that I could not answer, the fourth in his discography. If you do not know this Madrid, you can start by Aerialist, their third and one that I like.

Carita Fool Lyrics

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