What makes you great – Vetusta Morla

They continue to work hard and continue to show a great quality in their subjects. Immersed in Mexican tour opening for ZOE, Vetusta Morla, are unstoppable.

lyrics and video What makes you great.


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He looked at the Miró Foundation

From London comes to the Miro Foundation in Barcelona's Joan Miró exhibition: The Ladder of Escape organized by the Tate Modern in London and the Miro Foundation in Barcelona and will be open until the 18 March, after the exhibition will travel to Washington from May will be displayed in the National Gallery of Art. The retrospective includes works from public and private collections worldwide.

This is another opportunity to immerse themselves in the world power Miró and decipher their particular language. The exhibition title refers to an everyday object that appears in many of his paintings: the ladder. For the ladder symbolizes Miró tool to evade reality around him and maybe that is the door that opens the world of surrealism, the world of dreams.

The exhibition is a complete review of the work of Miró that highlights its commitment to the time in which he lived, their place of origin and how they influenced his work events as World War, Spanish Civil War, World War and Francoism.

Learn more: Fundació Miró


Things that I could not answer (single) – Marwan


As it grows, musically, Marwan. Not that I say so. Says Things that I could not answer, the first single from his new job, which is a treat for the ears.

Years ago 3 years old, Approximately, decided to collect his subjects to gestate Aerialist, that precious gift in the form of songs. Marwan now goes one step further with this new single can sense that the best is yet to come.

The presentation will take place on 22 October, in Madrid, Joy Eslava in. It will be a good opportunity, if you have not seen, to enjoy their live.


Lyrics and video The things I could not answer. Official Video acoustic version.

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Ask the Dust – Zahara


With the beautiful voice Zahara we get carried to present Préguntale to polvo. the first single from his new job, The couple toxic.

After its ups and downs with Universal, Zahara's hand returns Music Bus and with Ricky Falkner. The 25 we hear the results of this new work.

Defined as a set of stories with bitter taste, where there is no path and set where, even so, we still get off that treadmill, knowing that we will feel the loneliness.

A sad record, born of sad stories, a certain time.





The trouble is in the air – Andrés Suárez


Today, 4 October, Andrés Suárez returns to the music scene with a new illusion. Called The trouble is in the air and is the official presentation of the first single When the tide again, the long-awaited work of Galician.

When the tide again available from 9 November, coinciding with the start of the new tour, Barcelona. There you will see in the Acrobats Festival , opening for Ivan Ferreiro.

3 days later and, in the city of Barcelona, presentation will solo disc. You can follow the List of concerts scheduled to date.


video letter and the devil is in the air

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