Captive on your skin – Souk

The new project is called Joan Rivera Souk. The formation is composed of Joan Rovira as voice and guitar, Adria Gonzalez on keyboards, Get Miki Santamaria Fernandez Bass and me on the drums.

They are doing a tour presenting his first work called Tuning and tomorrow you can see in the room Buk’s Granollers by 5 euros, with drink included.

As the song goes well: that rare story of my mind, when the world sleeps used to dance, captive in your skin, shut up and cast into a sea…you wait…

Is prohibited mourn – Secrets

Secrets, productive group as few, continues to set the Spanish musical career began one day with the unforgettable and dear Enrique Urquijo.

Álvaro, voice and head of the band, decided to take over without any fear following the departure of Henry and, as everyone knows, has unfolded very well.

Today's topic did not have much impact. Rather unnoticed. Today we recover This prohibited llorwould, sung by Alvaro. Best, clearly, besides how good it sounds live is composed lyrics Álvaro Urquijo.

Lyrics and Video It is forbidden to mourn

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