My life under water – Christina Rosenvinge

No lo tenia fácil, pero aquí esta la muestra. No era sencillo superar al genial Tu Labio superior y dar continuidad al proyecto Rosenvinge.

Como me gusta el nuevo trabajo de Christina. Que bueno!!!. My life under water es el primer single que se extrae de La joven Dolores. Y eso que quizá este sea el tema más flojo de este nuevo trabajo. En breve más…

The man who forgot his name – Julia's smile

many listens has had The man who forgot his name before writing these lines about this, his latest work, and that was put into circulation last 1 February.

Julia's smile it's one of my favorite bands. A group that I love to see live: it makes me enjoy a lot. That is perhaps why I am somewhat disappointed with this new musical installment, waiting for something more.

The man who forgot his name contains 10 new threads. They seem scarce and short. It is not that in his previous works there was much more content, everyone is around the 11-12 Songs, but they were more intense. It's as if the rush to get something out has gotten to that. This sensation is repeated several times during the almost 42 disc minutes. Hurry. It is surprising that with the number of topics they have unpublished, have not seen the possibility of fitting any more pieces.

the disc is not bad, but it transmits very little to me. Continuous feeling is flat disc, where do you expect something to happen, let that song come that you say uahhh, those notes in a row that you think there are…but that feeling does not reach me throughout the album. I would describe it as lack of essence, that one that they knew how to capture so well in Bipolar and that seemed to be increasing, that led them in the right direction.

The songs try to have a message, and I'm not saying they don't have it, but repetitive chorus tracks are made ad nauseam. It's where I find the most monotony.

Forgive me LSDJ boys, but the album lacks two things that have always characterized them, or that I have believed to be appreciating album after album: Freshness and evolution. Make no mistake, I did not want a Bipolar II, but if the emotion of the previous works.

Vocally I don't like the path explored. Quite a distance from his 3 Earlier work. I find them lost, with the feeling that they are another band, and with some intonations that can get tiresome, watching only at the end of the disc (castaway) where they wink in the usual style, with those beautiful shades, nothing strident without wanting to go further and that they continue that subtle complicity.

The disc enters the first, doesn't need many listens. This is not by chance: I dare to write that they have been projecting it throughout the process of creating the album. The result is obvious to the eye. fits very well. Another thing is to assess whether the result is totally satisfactory at the fan level..

And they get another very good thing, even if little of it: the feeling that more than listening to a studio album, it's like watching them in concert, as if Marcos were a few meters away screaming his voice, where he plays with her and takes her to lands that the record versions do not. It's a regular thing at their concerts, and I like, although here there is excess of it. they sound exactly the same, nearby.

The best thing is that you listen to the album and that you believe your own opinion and if you dare to discuss these things with me or that you contribute some that are happening to me.

I would highlight songs like Loco, The man who forgot his name and Castaway.