I can – Julia's smile

LSDJ promotion are. Or rather: starting with the I can. All tip, if no changes, that The man who forgot his name, his new job, sale will go to the next 1 February 2011.

Back, and again in a trio, I write this without having much info on the subject, seems that the announcement they made about the new addition of Miguel Herrero, as the fourth component Julia's Smile, the combined parked.

With Warner as a new company and Nigel Walker shared production with Marcos Casal, The man who forgot his name include 10 new cuts where I can, the second track on the disc, Partly as a single primer.

You can learn more at the official website of group Julia's smile and follow the latest news and everything related to the new job http://elhombrequeolvidosunombre.blogspot.com/

I can point

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