Paul Auster, Invisible

La Última Novela de Paul Auster Invisible Novela negra tiene sabor a, a y misterio a suspense. Una historia es sencilla excusa la perfecta para una Novela edificar atractive. La Novela you engancha en seguida, sin complicaciones, Giros extraño sin ni personajes sorpresa.

A medida que el suspense aumenta disminuye el detalle, Precision la y las palabras, ha el lector de lo que el intuir Escritor deja de escribir Retrieved from; Manera de esta Paul Auster obligat al lector a realizar el trabajo que él se ahorra: esto tan solo pueden los crearlo Genios.

Auster es dueño y señor de su obra y por eso tiene Licencia para hacer y deshacer, para jugar con sus personajes y todo ello y el lector de la forma más inusual posible: a Traves de tres Capitulo, three ways to write, three ways to read, three angles and three interpretations. Paul Auster demuestra que la historia más sencilla puede convertirse en una gran historia.

What I value most is the play between fact and fiction, qué hay de verdad y qué hay de mentira, very sincere gesture by the author.

For many it is the best novel Auster. Although I have not read all his work, recognize that it is one of the best.

Te odio – The six days

Barcelona Training The six days feature tonight, in the Sala Bikini, songs from her first album called Monday.

The training consists of Nereida Cerdà, Aina Godoy, Alba Laguna, Natalia Gonzalez, Marc Espinet and Cros Aimar face, with great enthusiasm, concerts shootout being made to submit 11 Songs. If you're around the city is a good opportunity to see them and know how they do it live.

At the end will fall surrendered at the feet of Ricky Falkner (still more), for everything you are doing for the music and for the effort to give the opportunity for solid things, with body, quality.

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Lost Paradises – ivan Ferreiro

The third to Ivan Ferreiro this way. With Lost Paradises know more about the new Ferrero work, which will be called Picnic extraterrestrial. If official confirmation prior, could be put into service in May 2010.

With 12 new songs, Picnic alien follows the line of his earlier work and still expects Amaro, his brother, and Pablo Novoa.

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Fas tan mala cara – Jofre Bardagí

Video: Fas tan mala cara – Jofre Bardagí

The second and very recent solo work Jofre Bardagí bears the name Music in black and white. A few weeks ago I present live Jofre, in the Luz de Gas, where we could listen to songs like Fas tan mala cara, first track now extracted and presented in video format.

With this new work Jofre strives to teach a different face, away from any standard or commercial circuit, to present 13 topics covering different styles which range from forceful guitars, a voz intimate, sensitivity, power…

There is a two-disc tracks, nor three. It's an album that must be digested slowly. You have to let go to find its essence, those little hidden surprises, paying more attention to the instruments that are playing and lead vocals to the background.

This time the letters do not have the weight and depth eomocional buenisimo your first and disk I make songs, excellent disc as they come, with which silenced the skeptics. Returning to the lyrics of this new work, Jofre has commented that this time does not have to take so seriously…

Summarizing, Music and negre blanc disk is fussier Bardagí, which is carried away, where experience and makes way for new shades.

Stop for a minute – keane

Video Stop for a minute

Stop for a minute es el adelanto de nuevo material inédito, de la banda Keane. Estas nuevas canciones han ido cogiendo forma en los viajes de su última y extensa gira. Gira que les ha llevado por 28 countries, prácticamente sin descanso.

Night train, nombre escogido para este EP, incluirá 8 nuevos cortes y verá la luz el 11 May. Contará con diferentes colaboraciones como la de K’naan in the subject stop for a minute, la japonesa Tigarah y una sorpresa: el pianista y compositor de la mayoria de los temas de keane, Tim Rice-Oxley se atreve a poner voz al tema Your love.

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