The Sorolla Spain and Catalonia Mir

Joaquin Sorolla y Joaquín Mir. Contemporaries, straddling the nineteenth and twentieth, International Sorolla, Mir local. Are going to be neighbors for unos months in Barcelona, specifically in Montjuïc. Sorolla in the MNAC and Mir at CaixaForum.

After traveling for half Spain arrives in the city of Barcelona the Sorolla exhibition The Vision of Spain. For the first time in Spain you can admire the 14 Sorolla panels painted for the Hispanic Society of America in New York. A large-scale custom and led him to travel the Spanish geography during 7 years old. Exposure just want to emphasize the mastery of Sorolla in solving white colors: never seen such range of whites together, all with subtle differences. After exposure Barcelona travels to Madrid and finally can be reviewed in Valencia.

The exhibition at CaixaForum Joaquín Mir is an anthology of his work and shows the path of the painter through the various stages that coincide with changes in residence: Barcelona, Majorca, Tarragona, the Vallés and Vilanova, where he resided until his death. The exhibition consists of 80 works and first shown to the public paintings from private collections. From Mir I would highlight the courage to translate the color, looking games of contrasts and obsession to find his own language, detached from European trends In advance to the vanguards of the early twentieth century.

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Broken Strings – James Morrison


Broken Strings, es el último video de James Morrison, junto a Nelly Furtado. Si todavía no sabes quien es o si no has tenido ocasión de escuchar ninguno de sus trabajos, I recommend.

Undiscoveredf ué su álbum début en 2007 con una increíble acogida. En Octubre de 2008 le siguió Songs for you, truths for me, de donde esta extraído el vídeo, que en la actualidad se encuentra promocionando.

Ayer soñe – Lanco


Hoy os quiero dejar con una de esas canciones que no tienen fecha de caducidad. El tema se llama Ayer soñé ,extracted from Amanece pop, of Lanco.

Lanco is currently working on new material and has already made a preview of the new repertoire, a couple of months ago, in The salt, Madrid.

letter Yesterday I dreamed

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8 arms to hold you – Fish

The new single from the duo formed by Clara Zaragozano Santi Tellez and Comet, Fish, is titled 8 arms to hold you and serves to further its new studio.

8 arms to hold is the first single to be taken from their second album bearing the same name and published in March 2009.

Enough has had difficulties to see the group released its second album after seeing the Tangerine Records label, with whom they released their first album, close its doors. At the end opted for self edited and soon we will hear the final result.

Have the cooperation of Ruben Pozo, who composed the theme Let me live. Juan Carlos Calvo and Manuel Mejias also leave their stamp on the compositions.


issues 8 hugs to embrace

01 – Eight arms to hold you
02 – Let me live
03 – Tattooed Doll
04 – Counterpoint
05 – South Beaches
06 – Dangerous Games
07 – One morning more
08 – To remember me
10 – The Four Seasons
11 – Rosana
Bonus track – Season of Silence

Donde esta mi vida – Julia's smile


This topic belongs to Start over, second job of Julia's smile. Now, los chicos de la sonrisa, They continue to present their new work, which is the third in their discography and is titled Bipolar.

Today we wanted to remember this beautiful theme called Donde esta mi vida.

Letter Donde esta mi vida

Today I am again
rain in the sea
i fall again
in the immensity

Today I'm going to go
to that place
where to cover myself
of land and peace

Where is my life

Today I am again
wind in the sea
I travel without seeing
where will i go
To trim

I will become again
star dust
I will travel
inside your light ..

Where is my life

I'm not afraid of not waking up
I'm not afraid of not waking up

others: and

She’s my baby – Coque Malla


It seems that after the failed return of The Ronaldos, their lead singer, Coque Malla, returns to the fray with solo work.

The new work is called The Time of the Giants and you can hear She’s my Baby, that has peorcito, far, Coque Malla.

She’s my baby es mala. It's a song where the hook and have sought them out frog and where, also, have forgotten (completely) Minimally work Letter.

I never liked the singing of Coque Malla, although I admit, So if, which in the past had some good songs.

one, She’s my baby, is the first single and therefore one of the best tracks on the album, as are the other songs? Let's wait and anticipate events…

Tell – Conchita

The girl whispering sweet voice, that has wiped out their first album Nothing else, has been more than 70 weeks between the best seller in Spain and finally moves us new material.

Conchita's new album will be called 4000 words. If no changes, For those leaving the 10 March and follow the line of the first. This time with repeats Juan Luis Jimenez of Suspected, as producer.

Juan Luis did a great job with the production of Nothing. Conchita could see what I wanted to convey and the end result was these natural songs, anything wrapped, with the necessary tools for each topic, highlighting specific moments in each song, not forgetting the sound of it but making it clear that what matters is the message of each song.

Tell is the first single 4000 words, will feature 13 new songs written by Conchita and titles that currently know as much time, Where I keep, A bit of air and Step.


(when you have the audio quality available, be uploaded)

Letter Tell

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Shery regala El amor es un fantasma

La cantante y compositora Shery ha decidido poner a disposición de todo el mundo (regalar) su primer trabajo discográfico titulado Love is a ghost y que, hasta ahora, solo podias obtener mediante compra.

Shery ha manifestado que se siente muy satisfecha con la acogida de El amor es un fantasma y de las ventas generadas, unas 15000 copies. Also, y esto es un buen punto a su favor, al ser una artista independiente, que no tiene la presión de los grandes, es dueña de su música y puede hacer con ella lo que mejor considere en cada ocasiòn, sin presiones de ningún tipo.

La ventas obtenidas hasta la fecha han cubierto los gastos de edición y producción de Love is a ghost y de aquí nace la idea de regalar su música, para llegar a todos los rincones del mundo y que el dinero (el de su compra) no sea un inconveniente para poder escucharla y disfrutar de sus canciones.

Caben destacar temas como Love is a ghost, Me converti en roca and Todo se termina aquí o su último sencillo titulado En la vida y para siempre

Si todavia no la conoces y lo deseas, ahora puedes bajar gratuitamente (y legalmente) el cd desde la página oficial o a través del siguiente link: cd el amor es un fantasma.

Con la descarga del cd (15 topics), also, regala las letras de las canciones, la portada y un libro de 18 pages.

video Me converti en roca

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