Words – Anthony David


Anthony David (who sometimes reminds me of Seal) and one of my favorite girls, India.Arie, sing together in the new issue of David called Words and which is in turn the single to present this new work, which is called Acey Duecy and which includes 11 new threads.

Arie and David and Habi-an earlier collaborated when David composed the theme Part of your life that was included in Acoustic Soul, one of the best albums of India.Arie.


Like I never left (model) – Whitney Houston

Well it seems that this time if. After more than three years of rumors Whitney Houston is finalizing preparations for his new job and his return to the music scene.

The delay was due to the poor state of the vocal cords of Whitney and loss of the same. It has taken more than a year of treatment with various professionals Depository to return to shape their voice and have decent results

The producers and collaborators on the disc will recognize that their voice is not exactly the same but still Whitney Houston and that lack will supply currently has collaborations with Quick release issues which do not need a powerful voice.

Five months ago the singer said it was not yet fully recovered (has had several relapses). We wish her lots of luck and a triumphant return to the stage although we know that currently there will be performances.

His current partner, Ray J1, seems that this being an important pillar in all this though, moment, no one has confirmed this relationship.

The new material (supposedly) is scheduled to see the light in October and will 15 new threads.

This in a model circulating the net. Listening Like I never left, with the assistance of AKon.



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