Death of Calm – Sigur Ros

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I continues to impress the beauty of these images. This Video, included within the project Mystery Film Experiment and directed by Ruslan Fedotow, out of the competition, I like even more than the first official video, Video that, certainly, tampoco bad. It is time to remember…


Cardinal numbers (live, Moraima) – Andrés Suárez

Moraima – Andres Suarez Cardinal numbers


Everyone knows my weakness for Andrés Suárez, is nothing new. We've both grown together, along these years, in all respects. I can not remember the times I have seen live, the times we've met in bars, in all types of premises, sharing songs in different rooms, emotions, moments and cups. From those small intimate concerts in l’Astrolabi, at room Monastery. In Madrid with friends in the Barcelona, 8, via Cabaret Berlin the accompanying Tontxu in the Vivaldi room.

Andrés Suárez, despite his youth, to mature quickly and hand giving experience doing hundreds of direct here and there, with that precious repertoire as partner, implacable, inexhaustible. Now he has embarked on a project to make one of his dreams: a live album. This will be his third full-length album after publish 2011, When the tide again. Do so at production Alfonso Perez and co-production and sound of nothing more and nothing less than Peter Walsh who has worked as a producer and engineer for Alphaville, Peter Gabriel, Silent Running and ultimately producing discs Scott Walker.

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I understand – Manuel Carrasco


It seemed that his career would be short-lived and, step by step, Manuel Carrasco has become solidly. Just published Speak II, adding new items to Speech, his last great work.

Manuel Carrasco and style have never been my cup of tea, but I must admit that Speaks II is a good album, with interesting themes and characters that fall outside the current mainstream.

Carrasco moved to Italy to record speaks, his fifth album under the supervision of Claudio Guidetti and the Rome Symphony Orchestra, worn by three of the most exciting of this album in studies Ennio Morricone and now with Talk II is a review and extension.

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More than one 36 – Andrés Suárez

Right now the first anniversary of the publication of When the tide again, long duration of the last Andrés Suárez. Nothing has gone wrong in this intense journey of concerts and performances. According to the same account, I could not be more proud of what happened with this latest work.

It will be hard to forget so much happiness and so good and intense moments lived at concerts. I always repeat, I know. But come and see him when passing by your city, and then tell me.


All is disorder – Pedro Guerra



With Candies, back in 1995, Pedro Guerra fascinated and dazzled, with this beautiful and solo direct, thousands of people. Candy is one of those albums that has no expiration date, for many years go.

Occasionally, as round disks, just taking its toll on the following work one way or another.

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Love is a simple thing – Tiziano Ferro


Go album has released sr. Iron. Round. Love is a simple thing is the fifth published work and after analyzing, immersing myself in the , writing is the best of his career. The tough personal time has passed before returning to reconcile with himself, effect has emerged and is reflected in the composite set of songs and length selected for the.

It stays true to his style, their sound is unique and easily recognizable, but now it evolves, including new sounds. It moves away from the electronics to approach the R&B, a warmer sounds. It is the first time that Titian has traveled to Los Angeles to record an album. Ferro packed up and went to the Henson studios with producer Michele Canova and there, practically pull, recorded all the Work. The choice of musicians like Mike Landau or Reggie Hamilton, no accident and has its weight in the final result.


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Mix of you and me – Fon Román

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At this point in the film, Mr. Román solo, more credible than all together Spanish MPs, and despite being his second solo, has little to show. Credible, very credible.

POPartesanal is a return trip,intimate tour, a tender look at the delicacy and beauty of things made with hands.
It is also a new road which will combine music and crafts, and which will lay the groundwork for what will be his next album.

Roman Fon's music is defined by its ability to evolve and emotion.

Given these characteristics and the release of their second album interlinings, now embarks on a tour of 8 concerts in unusual places. This workshop will give concerts in new artisans, People who keep to traditions in manufacturing and at the same time you are given a twist.

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Annie Hall – Luis Ramiro RAMIRO_Annie_Hall.mp4


Ramiro walks around town this weekend. Specifically what will this Friday 8, at room Uncle Jack C/Roselles, 32 L'Hospitalet , Barcelona. It will do the 21, in concerts 11 aniversario nits to art Entries and i can buy for 10 EUR or the day of the concert, box office, by 12 euros.


Lately I like listening versions (in this case a test) different from those included in the disk. This time it's the turn of Annie Halthe.

On Friday present songs from his latest work published in 2011, The world ahead and will review their discography.


letra Annie Hall


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Carita Fool (acoustic) – Marwan

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This man is making small strides. The maturity of his lyrics, the subtlety and sensitivity of his latest work confirms the good moment that Marwan is going.

Carita Fool is one of the new songs that have been included within Things that I could not answer, the fourth in his discography. If you do not know this Madrid, you can start by Aerialist, their third and one that I like.

Carita Fool Lyrics

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Get me out of here – Enrique Bunbury



There are songs that have no expiration date and there are artists who succeed with some frequency or ease. Get me out of here belongs to Flamingos, one disk denser and round Enrique Bunbury in which spared no surround large as Mr. Jaime Urrutia, Quimi Portet, Shuarma , Carlos Ann, Kepa Junkera or Adrià Puntí among others.


The work went gold right out and was accompanied by an extensive world tour, nearly two years, which would then light the live DVD An appointment with Flamingos.


video letter and me out of here

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